Get Successful Sales with Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Plenty of affiliates, or sales people, use TV commercials to boost their product sales. TV broadcasting is the most expensive advertising method there is which means your commercial needs to be spot on to boost sales or you will end up losing a lot of money.  It can be hard to determine how to compose a commercial in order to get the highest possible sales for your product or service.  All successful businesses or successful affiliates use a marketing funnel to strategize the best possible sales and if you are spending a lot to get your message out there then you also need to strategize correctly so you can cover your expenses and make the most out of each commercial.

Get Successful Sales with Affiliate Marketing Funnel

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is commonly used by businesses.  This marketing scheme uses sales people or affiliates to market products and reward these marketers based on their performance.  The more sales these affiliates can generate, the higher their income will be and there is no limit as to how much they can earn. Companies can hire individual affiliates, marketing businesses as affiliates or even use clients as affiliates.

What exactly is affiliate marketing funnel?

An Affiliate Marketing Funnel is the marketing process of the affiliate.  The funnel can be presented in a single image or diagram and indicates the entire sales strategy that the affiliate uses.  Funnels have a wide top and narrow bottom where the wide area usually involves the broadcasting and marketing of the product to potential customers and the narrower part indicates the extra processes and benefits that your company will offer or will have to do to get the sales deal.  Some companies only have two steps, a broadcast and sales step while others also offer added services such as warrantees and extended services to convince clients.

Affiliate marketing made easy

Now affiliate marketing is quite complex and difficult to grasp.  You can click on the following link: Affiliate Marketing Funnel to go to the Milesbeckler site where the entire process is explained in simple terms that just about any affiliate can easily understand.  The site also offers software that helps you analyze your marketing needs and allows you to create an affiliate marketing funnel easily. You can also put everything into action with the software because it is designed for promoting and sales.

Launch your TV commercials and be successful

With a good marketing strategy and affiliate marketing funnel you are much more likely to make a big success from any of your commercials because  all social media adverts, TV commercials, radio broadcasts, posters, pamphlets and brochures will be constructed correctly and will contain the right messages to capture clients.  You will also have the right plan of action in place to handle your clients correctly so you can ensure client satisfaction and thus ensure that you will build the strongest foundation with recurring clients possible.  The Milesbeckler strategy is definitely a strategy to check out before you start drafting those expensive TV commercials.

How to Make a TV Show Appealing to Kids

You may be passionate about making television shows but you do not know where to start. The best thing to do is to know who your target audience is going to be. It will make the process of planning the show easier. For instance, if you plan on targeting kids, you can already eliminate themes that are not good for them.

In order to come up with a good show, you need the right people to help you out. If you want, you can always hire background check companies that will be in charge of checking out the different people who may be applying for the positions that you require. Once you have hired the right people, it will be easier to formulate ideas for your show and start shooting something that kids will actually love.

How to Make a TV Show Appealing to Kids

  1. Come up with ideas that have never been tried before.

It is true that there are some ideas that always work and will always be well appreciated by your target market but what if you can come up with something that people will also learn to like a lot? It will catapult you into being recognized for your one of a kind idea that has never been tried before. Remember that when it comes to shows for kids, the different ideas must still incorporate how they are going to learn.

  1. Choose the genre of the show.

Would you like to make your show funny? Perhaps you would like it to show how real kids react to the different scenarios that they encounter. It will be all up to you.  Once you have chosen the genre, you can then think about the show’s format and where you are going to show it. If you do not have a lot of budget yet, you may start by making web series. Once your series become recognized, you may start showing the episodes that you have created on television.

  1. Remember that the characters that you will choose will matter a lot.

You may think that all you need in order to make a great show is to have the right story but this is not always the case. The characters that you are going to make will have an effect on how kids are going to take your show. Do you honestly think that kids will like it if you have characters that they will find scary? Make sure that the characters are pleasing and can be liked easily. The characters should also have distinct characteristics that will make them stand out from the rest.

  1. Do not hesitate to ask other people for their opinions about what you are planning to create.

You may think that the things you have formulated so far are good but will this be the case for everyone? You may be better off asking other people what they think. Through their opinions, you can make some changes that will be worth it in the long run.

There are still a lot of things that you will learn eventually about creating your own show. As long as you do things correctly, your show will become more recognized.

How to Make Retro Music Videos for TV

Retro singers and performers are a rare find.  Retro singers are people who love to sing vintage type of songs like swing music, jazz and more and their performances usually goes hand in hand with vintage attire.  Retro singers are fantastic for events, shows and especially for weddings because they give guests something spectacular and out of the ordinary to look at while they enjoy the evening.  But with all the pop, rock and hip-hop singers out there today, it’s quite tough for retro singers to get heard.  Music videos are the best way to show of your voice and especially your retro performance so clients will know to book you for their events and you can always use your music videos for TV and get seen across the globe.

How to Make Retro Music Videos for TV

Record your songs

The first thing you need to do to make your music video is record your songs.  Your recordings should be of high quality recordings and the music editing and composing should be done perfectly.  It might be wise to invest in a professional recording studio to get your songs recorded.

Create a retro studio

For your retro music video you will need a retro studio where you can sing and dance for the film.  You can choose to use a room with good lighting or even record your music in an open field.  A few vintage elements is however a must if you want your music videos to have a good 1950s vibe.  You should try to get some retro gear like a Crosley record player.  The Crosley record players are completely mobile so you can set it up anywhere you like and you can use the record player in your film for the music video.  You can also invest in other vintage items such as vintage chairs, vintage tying machines and more.

Scout for ideas for choreography

Music videos can quickly seem boring if you don’t have a lot to show.  Look for great ideas for choreography.  You can combine different actions such as dancing and singing in your music videos and switch between backdrops and locations.  Perhaps you can sit in a chair in your recording studio while singing and then take a walk down a retro road in the next part.

Get the look

Before shooting your music video you should get the look.  Do your hair, get a swing dress with matching heels and get a professional makeup artist for to recreate a vintage look.  You can even invest in a few different outfits for switching between scenes of your music video.

Get a pro for the filming

A professional videographer should be able to do the filming and video editing for you.  They can add special effects and will add your music recording to the music video so everything will look and feel completely smooth.

Start selling or sharing

Now that your music video is done, you can start using it to show people your talents.  You can get your video shown on TV, upload it on YouTube and even share your video on social media networks to boost interest in your name.

Start a Gun Safety TV Show and Teach People to Protect Themselves

Guns are terribly frightening, but they are also the reason why you are safe and sound today.  Your countries army force is what is keeping invaders and terrorists from invading your country.  The police force and their guns are what are keeping you safe from thieves and criminals.  And you and your gun can keep your family safe from those criminals that slip through the cracks to harm your family.  A gun safety TV show is just what all gun owners need so they can be completely safe at home and use their guns as safely as possible.  If there were more gun safety TV shows out there, there would probably be a lot fewer gun accidents.  Gun TV shows are also great because you can enjoy your beloved guns and make a great profit from your TV show.

Learn how to make a TV show

The first thing you need to do is learn how to make your own TV show.  You need to make your show informative and interesting.  You also need to study video recording and video editing methods or get a professional film maker to do all the recordings and editing for you.

Start a Gun Safety TV Show and Teach People to Protect Themselves

Learn the best gun safety tips

You might already be terrific with guns but a bit of inspiration for gun safety ideas can never hurt.  Search online for some gun safety tips or attend a few gun safety workshops.  The gun safety workshops will teach you how to safely use a gun, hot to safely store your guns, what to do in case of a burglary, what to do when your guns get stolen and much more.  You will get some great tips and ideas for your show while you sharpen up your gun safety skills.

Invest in some guns & safes

Best Gun Safe Guru is a site that includes everything you need to know about the best gun safes. The site also has some terrific reviews on the best gun safes that you or your viewers would love to learn about. There are some terrific small gun safes for handguns and some great long gun safes that are also fire resistant. They even have information on great safe extras like safe dehumidifiers and much more.  See link here to check out the gun safe guru site.

Write your show scripts

Before you start recording your show you should have a good idea of what you will be saying and doing.  Write some show scripts before you start the shows and remember to try to make things as fun and entertaining as possible, even if that means shooting some strange objects or using a dummy to illustrate dangerous situations.

Start recording your shows

It would probably be best if you get a professional film artist and editor to do all the recordings and editing for you.  With a professional your shows will look much better and will seem much smoother and the entire process will be a lot faster.

World’s Greatest Spas TV Show

The idea of traveling to receive phenomenal spa services might seem a little farfetched. But, this Canadian-based TV show took viewers to luxury spas around the globe. They revealed some of the most amazing places to get spa services worldwide. We would like to revisit their recommendations in this article.

What woman doesn’t want to be pampered? Maybe we would be better able to fit that pampering into our schedules if we knew somewhere that provided mobile spa services. Well, look no further. You can book an appointment, or even set up a spa party or corporate event, to pamper all the women in your sphere of influence. Karen Wilson and Carmen Ribeiro are the brains behind the establishment and will bring professional spa care to your home, hotel, or other desired location.

World’s Greatest Spas TV Show

Spas that Don’t Come to You

Now that you know you can get the spa brought to you, you might be less enthusiastic about spending the money to visit one of these amazing spa locations. However, if the idea of travel is still intriguing, consider taking a trip to one of these incredible locales:

  • Grotta Giusti Terme– Composed of three caves of varying temperature increases, this is an incredible natural wonder and spa experience in one. This one is in Italy. You can learn more about it here.
  • Kohala Spa– In case you would rather travel to Hawaii, this spa is a good option. You can get a ti leaf wrap and a lomi lomi massage.
  • Westglow Spa– But, if you have to stay in the states, check out this North Carolina based spa. They are best known for their oxygen facials.
  • Evian Les Bains– If you’re looking for facial acupuncture treatments, this French location is the place to go. Learn more about it before you book your next trip.
  • Royal Mare Thalasso– Allow this Grecian spa to utilize sea elements to improve your body’s condition.
  • Miraval Life in Balance– Back to the states, this Arizona locale will provide you with some incredible hot stone massage.
  • Maruba Jungle Spa- Mood mud, in six colors, is the draw for this spa located in Belize. This mud is supposed to detoxify, exfoliate, restore, and smooth your skin. The different colors are based on specific skin treatment goals. You can read more about that if you are intrigued.
  • Chiva Som– Maybe Thailand has always been on your bucket list. If that’s the case, consider visiting this spa and partaking in the Thai body glow package or a Thai massage.
  • Charlie’s Spa– A humble name for this Jamaican based spa. They provide deep facial cleansing and foot reflexology massages.
  • Solace Spa– For our Canadian readers, feel free to take a trip to the Canadian Rockies to enjoy the benefits of this spa. If you’re looking for a stomach massage, bubble bath, or a spirulina wrap, you will love the Solace Spa.
  • Termes Montbrio– Located on a natural hot spring, this spa in Spain, boasts access to the only spring not discovered by the Romans. Visitors can enjoy the thermal spas as well as anti-stress and aesthetic treatments.

If you’re looking to travel to find the best spas in the world, these should give you plenty of vacation ideas. However, if you are more interested in a mobile spa service, then don’t hesitate to contact the ladies mentioned at the beginning of this piece. And, if you’d like to watch the World’s Greatest Spas TV show, click this.

Gaming and TV

When people see the title, Gaming and TV, it is highly probable that they are thinking this piece will be about the best TVs for your video game console. However, that is not it at all. In fact, we would like to discuss the best and worst TV shows based on video games. You probably didn’t even realize the two were connected until now.

If you are a serious gamer you are spending more of your time researching the best gaming headsets, than determining which TV shows represent your games. Those headsets will set you back a pretty penny, but you will be sure to hear the people on your team, and all the incredible tracks playing in the background of your favorite games. You might even want to plug them into the TV to check out these best and worst shows based on games.

Gaming and TV

Top 5 Best Video Game Based TV Shows

Watching your favorite video game characters on TV without a gaming console hooked up might seem a little odd. However, these five games made such a huge impact on their fans they were turned into TV shows. See if you remember watching any of these great game-based shows:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog– Sonic battled Dr. Robotnik in a post-apocalyptic world. The voice acting was great, and the overarching storyline made this show all the better. Even if it was kind of dark thematically.
  2. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!- The live action section has been determined by some to be better suited for the worst list, but Captain Lou Albano and Danny Well deserve some credit here. The animated versions of the show are definitely the highlight though. Watch an episode.
  3. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?- This show got its start as an educational computer game. Your new gaming headset would have assisted you here. Players had to prevent Carmen from doing damage to the world. The show was more successful than the game ever was.
  4. The Legend of Zelda– Link, though mute in the game, has a voice in the show. It was actually part of another show and only lasted 13 episodes. The writing was questionable and cheesy, but fans still attribute greatness to the show overall.
  5. Donkey Kong Country- Kong is set to protect the Crystal Coconut, a wish granting item. King K, from the game, is Kong’s nemesis on the show as well. The music breaks, between the actions, are quite entertaining.

You can find more best of game based TV shows here.

Top 5 Worst Video Game Based TV Shows

As with all good things, there must be a corresponding list of the bad. These are the 5 worst video game based TV shows:

  1. Mortal Kombat: Conquest– The only good thing about this show is Kristanna Loken.
  2. Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm– Saturday morning cartoons couldn’t actually represent the game’s excessive violence and that took the “cool” right out.
  3. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog– The chili dog focus gave us all heartburn.
  4. Mutant League- The show may have lasted two seasons, but it was trash from the beginning.
  5. Rabbids Invasion– Though hilarious in the game, they just become irritating Minion imitations on TV.

If you’d like to see some more terrible video game TV show take offs, click this.

How You Can Choose the Best Shows for Your Kids

There was a time when experts say that perhaps children should not watch television yet because they may not watch shows that are good for them. There are some options now that will allow you to lock some channels from your kids so they will not be exposed to shows that will show them too much violence, sexual content or will just confuse them about the world that they live in.

How You Can Choose the Best Shows for Your Kids

Choosing television shows that you can watch will be different from choosing the shows that your children can watch. You are already of age and you know what you want. You know what can entertain you. If you want to watch all shows that include Stephen Collins, this will be up to you. For your children however, you need to protect them because they are still young

You do not have to worry too much anymore. More and more educational shows are now available on television. Just remember that not all children’s shows are educational. You still have to scrutinize each one before you will let your children watch some of the shows.

There are some shows that are highly educational but may be too boring for your children. For example, math lessons that are not told in story form or will not make use of any characters will be simply that – boring. You will find your children doing other things instead of learning math from the television.

Here are other things that will help you find the right shows for your kids:

  • Search for shows that can make your children happy and will inspire them to think about new ideas.
  • Search for shows that will let your children have a deeper understanding about life in general. For example, you can let your children watch shows about animals so that children will understand why they should take care of our furry friends.
  • Look for shows that you can watch with your kids. It will be more fun for children if you can watch some shows with them. It will also serve as your bonding time with each other. If you would not do this, your kids might sometimes feel alone especially if they do not understand the shows.
  • Look for shows that are positive. At an early age, you need to teach your kids that there will be some problems that they will encounter in life but they will be able to go through the issues if they would have a positive outlook in life.
  • Search for shows that will also teach your children about social and emotional skills. You may think that this is pointless because academics are more important but in the long run, don’t you think that social and emotional skills will take your children farther in life? Through teaching social and emotional skills, you can be sure that your children’s self-esteem will also grow bigger.

Be there to guide your children in every way so that you can explain the difference between what can be seen on television and what needs to be done in real life.

Television Shows that Help You Design the Yard of Your Dreams

Home improvement television isn’t limited to what can be done inside of the home. In fact, a number of great specialty shows focus only on front and backyard landscaping options and features. Whether you are considering a deck, hot tub, or concrete plunge pool, you can find inspiration for your landscaping project here.

Television Shows that Help You Design the Yard of Your Dreams

Desperate Landscapes – DIY Network

The DIY Network is host to a number of great home improvement shows, and Desperate Landscapes helps transform some of the most troubled yards they can find. Transformations include new plants, patios, pavers, and water features.

While some of the work is on the extravagant side, much of it is accessible to the average homeowner. Tips are provided to help viewers turn their yards into a feature instead of leaving it an eyesore. And considering curb appeal can improve a home’s value, it is definitely worth a look.

Curb Appeal – HGTV

Another show that focuses on how to raise your home’s value through landscaping choices, Curb Appeal makes it there sole mission. Many people don’t realize how improved landscaping can improve their home’s first impression. For those looking to sell, or even refinance, getting your yard in order can help you earn dollars down the road.

Much of the tips provided can be easily applied by homeowners, giving them an opportunity to get their hands dirty in the name of improved curb appeal. The show is led by a host that is both an architect and interior designer, ensuring both form and function are considered with all of the updates. Check the show out and see how a bit of paint here and new plants there can make a dramatic difference.

Yard Crashers – DIY Network

Another DIY Network favorite features homes that weren’t necessarily expecting a makeover. Another one of the television shows features the results of “guerilla” renovations: Yard Crashers. Families are chosen partially by chance. The host makes trips to local home improvement stores across the country, looking for people who could use some help with their backyards.

Once selected, there is a whirlwind renovation over one weekend. Homeowner’s help with the work, and have input into the design, but much of what the new landscape becomes is thanks to the show. The majority of the work is manage by professionals, and homeowners can see improvements like new decks or patios, water features, fire pits, and more.

Ultimate Pools – HGTV

For those who like to dream of pools that would be the envy of everyone in town, Ultimate Pools is the ideal show. You can see some of the most dramatic pools found in the backyards of people across the country. While this show focuses more on what is already there, and not a renovation in action, it can certainly inspire anyone to reconsider their pool dreams.

The Outdoor Room – HGTV

If you find outdoor living appealing, then The Outdoor Room is a great choice. Outdoor spaces are transformed into additional living space. It can be an ideal solution for those with a smaller home who want to expand their options, as well as those who live in areas where the weather promotes spending more time outdoors. Whether you are looking for space to relax, play, or entertain, you are sure to find something to get your creative juices flowing.

The best Feel Good TV shows

No one can disagree that TV is fun and provides us with the entertainment and downtime that we need after a long and hard day at work. That is why it is sometimes suggested to watch shows that are good for the soul instead of a violent and stressful action series. I tend to binge on TV series if I am at my wits end or just in need of relaxation. There is so much sadness, tragedy and terror on TV nowadays that it is great to just settle down with a good TV series that leaves you with a positive feeling and takes you on a journey with your favorite characters. I remember as a child I never missed an episode of Full House and always loved the Tanner family for their quirky and unconventional household. There are a few TV shows that represent happiness and fun. Here is a compiled list of some of the most motivational TV shows.

The best Feel Good TV shows

Fuller House

This is the follow up of the Tanner family and plays out 29 years after the previous series. We are once again able to enjoy the giggles and lessons that this family gave us all those years ago. With DJ Tanner running the household we get all the entertainment we would need. John Stamos also makes an appearance now and then. Click here for more info.

Gilmore Girls

This is a great show for girls all over the world and one to add to your happy watch list. The Gilmore girls represent a single mother and her teenage daughter. With great attitude and comedy we see how they deal with daily struggles and come out stronger every time. This one always leaves me with a smile.

The Simpsons

Who can say that they haven’t been cheered up by this funny little family cartoon? I used to love watching the Simpsons simply because of the humor and the crazy characters depicted in the story. I didn’t miss an episode.


The 6 friends that entertained us for hours with their wonderful lives and the way they supported each other during any dark situation. The romance, the break ups, everything was just great fun to watch. When this series came out as a collectible, I bought it and binged on it for quite some time. Click here to see where they are now.

Grey’s anatomy

The doctors of Seattle Grace almost had me enroll for medical studies at the age of 34. I so loved the drama and the lessons that I gained from this show. I have to admit I cried many tears with Meredith and the rest of the cast but I still don’t miss one episode.

Big ideas for a small planet

Featuring Robert Redford this environmentally focused show reveals various easy methods to do our part for the environment. These include recycling and composting. I purchased the compost tumbler by Tumbleweed online and never looked back. Composting is easy and very convenient plus I do my part for the environment.