3 Most Memorable Movies about Accountants

Some people think that accountants and bookkeepers are no longer of importance in today’s world. Since there are now various software available that can do most of accounting tasks, business owners tend to no longer consider hiring one at all. But it’s important to keep in mind that even in this advanced society, we still need professional accountants not just to ensure that we pay proper taxes, but most importantly, to effectively keep track of our finances.

Accountants and bookkeepers are heroes. Well, for me, they truly are. As mentioned, not only that they help me do my taxes, but they also make sure that my finances are managed well. Not to mention that they do their best, even put their jobs at risk, just to keep me and their other clients protected. I believe that you also know that.

Just in case you don’t, watch at least some movies or TV shows about accountants and you’ll understand what I am talking about. In the movies, accountants and bookkeepers often depicted as weird, competent, exciting, and intelligent people. If you will watch them, you will discover how accountants can lead a team, fall in love, serve well, fight unscrupulous individuals, and save lives. Here are some of the big screen’s most memorable accounting films.


The Producers

This is a classic 1968 comedy film played by Gene Wilder (Leo Bloom). Sure, Leo is hardly a hero material; he’s timid, reluctant, and spiritless, but he is smart and truly has a talent in accounting. One of his clients is the impatient Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel). Max was once one of the most successful Broadway producers, but his career went into tailspin after a number of fail plays. Leo, his new accountant tries to help him with a suggestion to make shows that are a guaranteed flop – in that way, Max could legally keep all the extra money. Max loves the idea, so together, they plan the worst play ever. But when the show opens, their scheme unexpectedly goes wrong – instead of being a flop, their play becomes successful.

The Shawshank Redemption

This is a 1994 drama film starred by Tim Robbins (Andy Dufresne). Andy is an honest and intelligent banker who is framed for killing his wife. He is surely devastated about what happened to him, but he never allows things to just flow. Soon, he uses his knowledge in accounting to get some advantages in the prison – first, by helping the chief guard with his tax problems, and then helping the greedy director with some of his money laundering operations. Andy is truly an honest and kind man, but he believes that he will never find justice because the jail system is corrupt and full of lies. So he has no choice but to help the people in charge in the prison. While doing that, he’s planning his escape. Eventually, Andy escapes from the prison and ultimately achieves his goal to expose the director, who is corrupt and devious.

Nick of Time

This is a 1995 political thriller film starred by Johnny Depp (Gene Watson). Gene is an ordinary public accountant who turned hero when his daughter is kidnapped and told by the kidnappers to kill the governor to save his daughter’s life. The rest of the story follows Gene as he desperately attempts to warn the states’ governor (Eleonor Grant) without the knowledge of the kidnappers.

Wear Glasses

Does Watching Too Much TV Make People Wear Glasses?

The Questions that Cause Unnecessary Worry

Are you worried that your excessive TV consumption will have an effect on your eyes? Are you concerned that you could need glasses because of the TV you watch? Or do you wonder if the reason that you have glasses now is because you watched too much TV in the past?

The Truth

Well, if you are, there is no need to worry anymore.

• Watching television has absolutely nothing to do with needing glasses.

• It doesn’t matter what type of TV you watch – even if you watch a LCD or flat screen television there is still no need to fret.

How can you be sure of this?

• Medical doctors agree that there is absolutely no connection between the two.

• Even if you sit right next to your television, this will still have no effect on whether you need glasses or not.

The truth is that this is an untrue story that, like many others, started and began confusing people before the record could be set straight.

You and Your Children

If you wear glasses, don’t blame it on television you have watched and don’t tell your children not to watch as a preventative measure. They can watch all the TV they want if that is what you feel is best for them – and if it is not what you feel is best for them, well, then press the off button, but don’t do it out of irrational fear.check this website for more related information.

There is no room for irrational fear or uneducated assumptions. It is essential to learn all the facts before you come to a conclusion. It is also very important to listen to people who are knowledgeable about topics like these instead of people who just may think that they are for whatever reason.

Focus on the Future

Try not to place blame if you wear glasses. Instead, try to live life to the fullest. And try to benefit all you can from your glasses. One way that you can benefit is by saving on your college education. Yes, it is true, there are scholarships for people who have glasses. You can apply for a variety of scholarships by writing about your experiences and goals.

You can find a wonderful list of scholarships that are available at this website. And this website does not just list scholarships: it gives you all the information that you could ever want about them as well.click the link http://www.psmag.com/health-and-behavior/more-than-just-four-eyes-the-hidden-psychology-of-wearing-glasses and you can get more information out of it.

Wear Glasses

So, instead of placing blame where it isn’t due and focusing on the past, focus on the future. Because the future is very bright, no matter what you want to do in the future or how old you are. But if by chance you just happen to be planning to go to college, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the wonderful resources available to you. Be sure to remember this: there is what is false, and then there is what is true. What is true will allow you to live the life of your dreams if you choose to fully embrace it – and not let false claims by people with no medical knowledge set you back.

Renewable Energy TV Shows

5 Best Renewable Energy TV Shows

Learning about renewable energy is essential to making the jump to actually using it. And, the good news is that there are shows about this topic that are both enjoyable and educational. So, you can watch TV while doing something to help the planet!for more information visit my latest blog post at this link.

Show #1: Saved By the Sun

Let’s start by talking about the first TV show.

• This TV show is from Nova on PBS.

• It explores the use of solar energy – in a way that will be sure to captivate viewers of all ages.

Show #2: e2

• This unique and intriguing television series ran for five seasons.

• The fourth season delves into renewable energy, starting with wind power.

• This show, like the previous one mentioned, is also from PBS.

Show #3: Turbine Cowboys

• The Weather Channel brings you this unique show: a look into the lives of the people who work hard to make one renewable energy source possible.

• These workers have an interesting job: they work with wind turbines.

• You can watch them and get a better idea of what wind power is really all about.

Show #4: This New House

• Here is a show from DIY network that shows you solar energy in use in one episode.

• There is a great episode about a house that is extremely unique – you’ll have to watch to find out why! There probably aren’t many houses like this one, but if there were, well, there is no doubt that the environment would be much better off because of it.

Show #5: House Hunters

• The last TV show offers another interesting look into renewable energy.

• Many people love HGTV’s House Hunters, and certain episodes deal with homes that use sources of energy that are different from the usual. Here we will talk about one great episode to watch that is very educational when it comes to renewable energy.

• In this episode, the people looking for a house are specifically in the market for something that uses renewable energy. So, you can come along on their hunt and see what they find.

• One feature that is very important to them in their new home is solar energy. They want to find a home that has solar panels already installed.view more energy report at http://news.stv.tv/scotland/305315-scots-energy-could-be-fully-renewable-by-2030-says-wwf-report/

As it turns out, this is a great transition into the last part of this article: and no, we aren’t going to be listing another TV show. Now it is time to put what you have learned from these wonderful, fun, and educational TV shows to use in your real life. So, let’s bring renewable energy off the screen and into reality.

Renewable Energy TV Shows

Now it’s Time to Use Renewable Energy in Your Own Home

You can purchase solar panels here and have them installed in no time. Use what you have learned from these shows to benefit your family (you will save money) and to benefit the environment. Solar panels are a great option because they are so versatile – people living in all sorts of different situations can use them.see their official website at http://www.interect.ca/ to get latest updates.

Canadian Clothing Companies

3 Canadian Clothing Companies Going From Boutique to Mainstream

Here are three very different clothing companies that all have one thing in common. These companies are expanding – they aren’t little boutiques any longer, but full-fledged brands with a wide reach and a growing reputation. They are known far beyond where they first started out.

All of these companies provide quality clothing. And they all are successful as well. But what makes them different? Each one offers a different type of products. You’ll find everything from active clothing to winter coats to elegant dresses in these three stores.

They all have their own niche, and provide great products that customers want. So read on to find out about each of these unique Canadian clothing companies, and just what makes them work so well. Because all of these companies have truly accomplished something amazing.


The first Canadian clothing company is Lululemon – this company is a perfect example of one that is going mainstream. Lululemon offers a selection of athletic clothes for both men and women. They specialize in apparel that will help you stay active: whether that is by yoga or running.visit their website for more details.

The company has been around since 1998, but has experienced enormous growth since then. There are stores in the United States and Canada, and you can also shop online. The company’s goal is to promote health by providing a wide variety of apparel that is perfect for athletic activities.

Here are only some examples of what you will find as you browse through their selection:

• Yoga tops and bottoms
• Running clothing
• Clothing featuring a special technology that stops bad smells
• A variety of accessories for your workout

Canada Goose

Canada Goose offers coats specifically designed to keep you warm no matter what the weather is. You will find coats for men, women and children in all different colors. These coats are both trendy and super warm at the same time.

And, as if that isn’t already enough, there’s even more to love:

• You can chose your fit – there is something for everyone.
• These are high quality winter coats.
• It’s easy to move in them.
• There are different coats for different temperatures to choose from.

Canada Goose has been around for more than five decades – so you have good reason to believe that they are experts in their field of work. Who wouldn’t be after all that time perfecting the perfect jacket – or, in this case, jackets? In the end, this is one Canadian company that is certainly going mainstream.

Canadian Clothing Companies


At Obakki you will find clothing that is both classic and modern. The company started eight years ago. Today you can shop a collection of all different types of clothing, from shirts to skirts to scarves. The beautiful neutrals and elegant feel of the apparel is the first thing one notices when scrolling through the pages of the website. The website itself has a clean, simple and modern feel. There are certainly some amazing creations here – it is definitely worth a look or two.