Expand Your Culinary Horizons through TV Cooking Shows

Television cooking shows have introduced a wide range of food and culture to different people across the globe.  Not only can you observe traditional cooking methods from all over the world, you can also find instructions on how to prepare some of the delicacies yourself.  Instead of today’s dinner being more of the same, why not expand your culinary horizons and try something new.

Expand Your Culinary Horizons through TV Cooking Shows

Choose Your Country

Any country can serve as inspiration for food, and many have been covered in cooking shows over the years.  If you aren’t sure where to begin your culinary adventure, consider looking up a show based on a country in your own ethnic background, if you do not already attach to it in a culinary sense.  This can let you reconnect with your family’s roots in a new and fun way.

If your heritage does not lead to a new experience, there are a variety of other ways to choose a country.  For example, you can pick one of your favorite ingredients and search for shows that use that ingredient with an ethnic flare.  You can proceed alphabetically, or choose a location that is as far from where you currently live as possible.  You can also leave it up to fate and let the first cooking show you find guide your choice.

Prepare Your Kitchen Supplies

Before you begin cooking a meal, you will need to review the recipe in its entirety, and arrange a shopping trip to acquire any ingredients you don’t have on hand.  While many ingredients are fairly easy to locate, certain ones may be very regional.  In those cases, consider searching online for sources that may be able to send the ingredient to you.

Regardless of the techniques in use, most cooking tasks require certain minimum supplies.  For example, if you are going to do any kind of baking, roasting, or other oven-based technique, you must have a way to protect your hands.  Whether you prefer basic oven mitts or silicone heat resistant kitchen gloves, you will have to have something available to remove hot items once they are ready.

Additionally, key pots and pans, such as stock pots and skillets, are somewhat universal and can provide a reasonable substitute for certain specialty pieces.  If a specialty piece is used, see what item you have that most resembles its function and consider using that instead.

Be Open to Adventure

Part of being on a culinary journey is to be open to trying new things.  It can introduce you to new flavors and ideas you may not have otherwise experienced, and may even inspire additional learning about the country’s culture and other traditions.  Most cooking shows will provide some basic information regarding a recipes origin, though they often only scratch the surface.  Consider using food as a starting point for deeper exploration, and keep your adventure going.