Top Travel Television Shows

Travel and television seem to go hand-in-hand.  Not only can they provide a way for people to explore the world from the safety of home, they can also introduce people to the unique foods, cultures, and attractions that may inspire their next actual trip around the world.  If you are interesting in viewing some of the best travel shows your television has to offer, take the time to check out these.

Top Travel Television Shows

House Hunters International

A spinoff of the popular House Hunters series, House Hunters International follows individuals, couples, and families who are looking for property at points all across the globe.  While the main focus of the show is on the real estate the potential buyers and renters are considering, it also provides some insight into the local area.

The show features cities big and small, providing a unique look into how the locals live across popular tourist destinations and hidden country towns alike.  Some of the best of what each area has to offer is generally highlighted, allowing viewers to get a peek into the lives of those who live there in a nonobtrusive way.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown brings viewers along as Anthony Bourdain travels across the country, and the globe, looking for interesting hidden away gems and unique experiences.  Not only does he explore the area, he immerses himself in the local culture.  He often takes the time to enjoy local delicacies and focuses on interacting with those who live, work, and grew up in the area.

The destinations are not always exotic to the standard viewer, as many of the stops feature key cities within the United States, those episodes are interspersed with those for areas that are less familiar to the majority.  Regardless off the destination, the show often features little-known places that make each place truly unique.  Whether it is a show on Los Angeles or Myanmar, there is always something interesting to see.

An Idiot Abroad

For those looking for a more comical take on more exotic locals, An Idiot Abroad follows Karl Pilkington as he travels the world and faces the unfamiliar.  The concept focuses on pushing Pilkington outside of his comfort zone based on the recommendations made by his friends, and fellow comedians, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

The show combines interesting travel facts with a sense of humor normally reserved for gag shows.  It helps keep the vibe lighter, and makes you root for Pilkington as he makes his way through some of the most unique experiences his friends can find.

$40 a Day

For travelers on a budget, $40 a Day follows Rachael Ray as she explores a variety of popular destinations looking for great local food that is also affordable.  Her budget must cover three meals a day, along with any snack or beverages along the way.  This leads her to select diverse dining options ranging from five star restaurants, to the smallest pubs, and most interesting food trucks around.

What to Do Next

After you have viewed shows about some of you preferred destinations, consider planning your own trip to explore the world beyond your hometown.  With effort, many trips can be more affordable than ever.  Take the time to explore flight options through Discount My Flights, or look low-cost rooms through sites like Airbnb.  Before you know it, you’ll be on your way.

How You Can Improve Your Old Conservatory

Whenever you see some glamorous homes on television, you cannot help but notice how nice their conservatories look. You cannot help but compare it to your very own conservatory that has not been maintained for years. You may want to fix it up but you are concerned about the amount of money that you have to pay in order to make it look like the ones you see on television.

How You Can Improve Your Old Conservatory

Of course, you have to be honest, you may not be able to make your conservatory look as good as the ones on TV especially if you have a limited budget but it does not mean that you cannot make an effort to fix it up so it will not be an eyesore, right?

The very first thing that you have to do is to contact the company that will do conservatory roof replacement because no matter how well you would fix up the interiors of the conservatory, all of your efforts will be wasted if your roof starts leaking or if the roof is letting in more sun than what the items inside the conservatory can take.

Once you already have your roof fixed, you can now focus on improving the way that your conservatory looks by doing the following:

  • Decide what you want to do with it.

Do you want it to be a place wherein you can hangout? It will be like your bat cave whenever you just want to be alone and think happy thoughts. It can also be a place where you are going to put some plants that you will take care of all year round.

  • Start planning about how you want it to look like.

You cannot just purchase random items and expect that all of these things will look amazing when placed in the conservatory. You need everything to be cohesive so that they will look great. Some mismatched items surprisingly look okay but if you truly just purchased random things, chances are your conservatory will look sloppy instead of cute.

  • Improve your conservatory’s insulation.

One of the reasons why people abandon their conservatories is because of the moments when it is just too cold to hang out there. Sometimes, it can be too stuffy when the weather is much too warm for people’s liking. The moment that you improve your conservatory’s insulation, you will find yourself visiting it more often than usual. It will be a fun place to stay in from time to time.

  • Make your conservatory more private.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable about the fact that your neighbours can see exactly what you are doing in the conservatory. If this is the case, then you can make some changes with the glass, you can add some window ornaments that will help you have the privacy that you need even when you are inside your conservatory.

Remember that with a few efforts and changes, you can be on your way to enjoying your conservatory again.

Watching the 2016 Olympics

If you are an Olympic Games fan, there’s no doubt you are watching the competitions taking place in Rio de Janeiro. But, are you aware of how many Olympians are actually employing the use of compression garments? Those tight fitting pieces can be found on some of your favorite athletes.

Let’s take a look at the various sports and athletes who are using compression wear similar to the kind you can purchase on You might find the list quite impressive, especially since we’ll do our best to let you know how each athlete is doing in the competition.

Before we do though, we’d like you to know that there were specific compression socks designed for the Summer Olympic Games!

Watching the 2016 Olympics


This is probably the most obvious sport for the utilization of compression garments. And one of our favorite sports in the Olympic Games. Here’s the run down on the athletes at the top thus far:

  • Simone Biles of the United States achieved a 62.1982.
  • Alexandria Raisman, also of the US, scored a 60.0983.
  • Aliya Mustafina, from Russia, came in third with a 58.6654.

More gymnastic information can be found here.


This is another major sporting favorite. And, these guys and gals are getting to wear the official Olympic compression socks we discussed previously. Look for them as the games continue. However, right now, these are the rankings:

Men’s Soccer

  • Anthony Lozano led Honduras to defeat Argentina.
  • Goncalo Paciencia advanced the Portuguese team with a draw against Algeria.
  • Chang-Hoon Kwon catapulted South Korea over the Mexican team.
  • Serge Gnabry, Nils Petersen, and Maximillian Meyer all scored for Germany’s ability to eek out Figi.
  • Teofilo Gutierrez and Dorlan Pabon, both of Columbia, scored goals to win over Nigeria.
  • Gabriel Barbosa, Gabriel Jesus and Luan, of Brazil, all scored against Denmark for the win.
  • And, Denmark made it into the quarterfinals since Iraq and South Africa met at a draw.

Women’s Soccer

  • Carli Lloyd put one in the net during the second half which allowed the USA to beat out France.
  • Janine Beckie aided Canada in its win against Zimbabwe.
  • Gu Yasha and Tan Ruyin provided China’s goals to defeat South Africa.
  • Marta, Beatriz and Cristiane were Brazil’s top performers against Sweden.

To learn more about Olympic soccer, click here.


Some people really enjoy the ricochet off experienced tennis rackets. That right to left head turn is a workout itself for those enjoying the tennis match in person on or the TV screen. Keep in mind that tennis players usually wear compression shorts for leg muscle protection and support. Here are the current Olympic tennis results:

Men’s Tennis

  • Steve Johnson has defeated Evgeny Donskoy but must face Andy Murray (whose steadiness won against Fabio Fognini) in the quarterfinals.
  • Roberto Bautista Agut depended on his strong serve to win over Gilles Muller. He faces Juan Martin del Potro (who recently won against Taro Daniel) in the upcoming quarterfinals.
  • Rafael Nadal, who’s after his second gold medal, won against Gilles Simon and will compete in the quarterfinals against Thomaz Bellucci (who fought neck and neck against David Goffin and won).
  • Gael Monfils benefitted from some sloppy unforced errors provided by Marin Cilic, his competitor. He now faces Kei Nishikori (who beat out Andrej Martin) in the quarterfinals.

Women’s Tennis

  • Angelique Gerber beat Johanna Konta.
  • Petra Kvitova won against Elina Svitolina.
  • Monica Puig defeated Laura Siegemund
  • Madison Keys conquered Darya Kastkina.

To keep abreast of more Olympic results click here.

How Not to Be Depressed with What You See on Television

The television is meant to be that one appliance that you are going to use in order to entertain yourself. After doing your work throughout the day, you can go in front of your television set and watch some shows that will make you feel happy. There are some days however when you cannot help but watch the news. Some of the details on the news will make you happy but most of them are depressing.

How Not to Be Depressed with What You See on Television

Think about news as something that is similar to food. The moment that you hear about it, your brain would process it and it will take some time before you can let go of it from your system. When you see news on television, they are given in bits so they are very easy to process. When you read books or when you read articles that concern Mark Dubowitz, you are required to think because there are far more information available but when you just watch the news, the information becomes readily available.

News Can Sometimes Be Misleading

Since you are only going to hear snippets of information, there will be times when you would misunderstand what has been reported in the news. Sometimes, news are made to be more interesting than they should be in order to pique your interest.

News Can Be Unimportant

If you would analyze all of the news that you will see on television, do you think all of them are important and can actually make a difference with the current life that you lead? For example, do you think that the news you have just watched right now can let you make a better choice in the future? It can be difficult to figure out what is currently relevant in your life and what will not work that well for you.

News May Not Always Help You Understand the World

Do you honestly think that through the news that you become exposed to, you will understand how the world is truly like? The important stories are not usually shown on television. Rather, these important news are shown through other means like the Internet and sometimes through word of mouth. Those that can make a big difference in the world are not exposed to people so people will keep on thinking that the life that they live in is okay and sometimes even good.

News May Sometimes Depress You

There will be some news that you will hear that will make you feel depressed especially if the news hit close to home. If you hear news that is somewhat similar to your own situation, it can be enough to send you into panic even if you are not supposed to. You can learn more about depression here.

You have to remember that when it comes to news sometimes, it is best that you lessen your exposure to news. It is best if you can read news so you can decipher which topics you can check out and which ones you can avoid. It will make a big difference.