Here Is the Top 8 Car TV Shows for Car Lovers

Most people that adore beautiful cars cannot afford gorgeous muscle cars of their own.  And even those that do own beautiful luxury vehicles simply can never own enough beautiful cars.  That is why these car lovers love to watch car TV shows.   Car TV shows are great for giving you all the info you need on certain car models, can give you great information on car repairs and will give you good inspiration on car modifications that you can get for your own vehicle.  Here are the top 8car TV shows that you can check out if you simply adore cars.

Here Is the Top 8 Car TV Shows for Car Lovers

  1. Top Gear

Top Gear is probably the most famous car TV show there is.  This show has been active since 2002 and still provides watchers with the best entertainment because they put old and new vehicles to the test and sometimes come up with the most hilarious races.

  1. Fast N Loud

If you love to watch how they restore old cars into beautiful muscle cars then Fast N’ Loud is perfect for you because the proprietors of a Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas do exactly that.

  1. Overhaulin’

See how you can customize your car.  Overhaulin’s team modifies and remodels cars from ordinary into extraordinary and they take on vintage to modern vehicles.

  1. Wheeler Dealers

If you want to learn how to upgrade your vintage car so you can get a great profit when selling it then Wheeler Dealers is the perfect TV show to enjoy.

  1. Counting Cars

Another great car restoration TV show that will keep you pinned to the TV with some of their hotrods.

  1. Fifth Gear

This TV show was ended in 2011 but is still a great show to look out for if you love to watch car shows.

  1. Pimp my Ride

This was one of the top shows to enjoy from 2004 – 2007.  Who doesn’t like to see the look on car owners faces when their old, shabby cars get transformed into fantastic as a surprise?

  1. Graveyard Cars

The team on this TV show does exactly as the name implies.  They restore vintage cars and not just any vintage cars.  They restore beautiful vintage muscle cars.

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