What to watch on TV and when to watch it

Television has become so vast and with so many choices to choose from we sometimes find it hard to decide on what we should watch. Most of us have been avid TV watchers for years and that allowed us to experience the growth and constant change of TV. There is more pressure to stay up to date with different series and with on-demand viewing we can actually collect our favorite shows and makes a decision based on that.  Click here to take a look at some of the most popular TV shows. In this article we will look at some hints and tips on deciding what type of Television shows are good for different days.

What to watch on TV and when to watch it

Avoid the remote control so that you don’t get stuck browsing from channel to channel. Make a decision on what you would like to watch and stick to it. It is sad that most of the time while we are enjoying an evening at home with some TV we end up wasting minutes on browsing through channels. Give the program that you choose to watch a bit of time so that you can really establish whether it is a good watch or not.  Mondays are usually pretty stressful so keep those days for one of your favorite TV series like Vikings. Make sure that you don’t watch the news. Tuesdays are usually a bit mellower and a day where you will find yourself more alert. Try catching up on current events and politics on this day. Read more about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies for in depth knowledge about victims of the Iranian war and the compensation that is due to them. By staying up to date with these types of affairs you will be well-informed and stay up to date with what is going on in the world.

Wednesdays is always a good day to skip TV completely and spend the evening with your family. Get hold of a few board games and host a games evening for friends and family. You will find that the quality time spend with your loved ones will make a huge difference and will give you a bit of time to relax away from technology and stress. Make this a regular event so that you get used to the routine of no TV for at least one day a week.  Click here to take a look at some of the best board games to play.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays should include a mixture of documentaries, movies and reality TV. Find something for the whole family and set up a schedule so that you don’t have to end up with any arguments about whose turn it is to choose what you are watching. Make sure that you also allocate time for the kiddies to watch their favorite shows. This can luckily occur during the day as they will be asleep at night. Schedule different theme nights that can include horror, romance, drama or action which will keep things fresh and interesting in your household. TV should be enjoyed and shared but it shouldn’t take over your social life.

Items in the Consumer Electronics Show that Should be in an Electronics TV Show

We all love technology as it makes lives easier and increases efficiency. Consumer electronics have the latest innovation in terms of technology to make our lives at home way easier. Since in some cases it may be hard to keep up with the coming technology or to even know it, there are annual shows that have been made to cover this. One of this is the consumer electronics which is an annual trade show that happens every January and is organized by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas.  Some of the best innovations in the consumer electronics show include:

Folding selfie drone

With the new age that is crazy about selfies, this selfie drone made it to be among the greatest innovations. It is a well-designed Chinese quad copter that can at the same time fold to be the size of a hardback book. It contains propellers that all have a carbon fiber cage around them to provide flexibility in carrying them around without any chance of injury. Unlike other kinds of drones, this particular one does not need a controller since it has 4k camera that knows the owners face and follows it. It also comes with an inbuilt sensor that helps it to fly at a steady height. Even though it is more expensive, t give you value for your money since it is simpler and more efficient than any other drone.


Hoverboard Silicone Case FULL Cover GREY 6.5 inch Hoverboard Accessories (FDA Approve Silicone) 2 Two Wheel Self Balance Hover Board Scooter Plastics Rubber Skins Protective Shell By Sublime Ware

This is a great innovation with great covers for 6.5” Hoverboards. It fits perfectly well on your hoverboards so that you can easily access charging ports with this cover and you don’t have to take out the case just to charge the hoverboard.

It has hoverboard skins that can protect the hoverboard from cosmetic damages .The hoverboard silicon cover helps to absorb heat from the hoverboard giving you a great user experience.

The case has been a good fit to get the sleeve of the wheel perfectly, so that it may not interfere with the movement of the wheel.  It has a hole for the LED light that has been perfectly fit to avoid damaging your hoverboard.

Walls have ears

It makes it possible for virtual assistants to function in the home as virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google assistant need to hear commands to be able to function well. There are smart desktop speakers such as Echo that work well in any kitchen. Generally the innovation is a mic with artificial intelligence that is put in the wall and operates with Google assistant. It can also operate with a TV streaming box which is NVidia shield.

Home Robots for kids

This is one of the best innovations that act as robots for kids. The robot, Leka is a good looking robo-ball which has a smiling face as well as rainbow lights. It is mainly meant to help children with autism and learning disabilities. It has a range of educational games that are proved to make one smarter.

There is also an AI powered robot nanny that was made by Mattel a famous toy maker and is called Aristotle. It can bring real time revolution in your kids life as it has been made with an echo-style smart speaker, an inbuilt camera, and a light bulb that is color shifting . These features help it to play games with kids, read bed time stories to kids and sing lullabies.

Smart shower

This is a great innovation for those who don’t want to waste time in the shower. With Moen’s U shower system, you can use your smartphone to control the heat of your shower via Wi-Fi.  The system has an app that gives you a notification when the desired temperature has been reached. Its limitation however is the price as it costs more than $1000 which many may not subscribe to.

Talking Rubbish

Voice control of devices is not only limited to cars, TVs, washing machines, and fridges but also a trash can. An example of this is a simple human’s sensor can. With this kitchen innovation you don’t have to open the pedal by stepping on it rather you just have to command the bin to open.

Under water drones

This is a rare innovation that is unique and different from the usual drones that is one the sky.  The power Ray can be controlled by a smartphone and can go up to 30m deep and on the phone you can live stream a video of what is happening in the water. You can use a VR headset to watch the drone’s footage. It can mainly be used by fishermen to catch fish as it has a fishfinder sonar alert that gives alerts.


There are many more innovations in the consumer electronics show that have not been listed but have been there in the previous years. There are also many more that are still under construction. It shows us that Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are here already.  Due to the growing popularity of the show and demand, there is need for a special TV show to feature that so that many can have access to it other than having to look for it on the internet. There can be an innovation show showing all the innovations that have happened before. I’m pretty sure that the chances are high that with a TV show there will be even more participants in the consumer electronics show. As much as there are many innovations in the consumer electronics show, not many make it to the market either due to price or need for production funding or the idea itself. For example for the case of talking rubbish, not many find it a pressing need for talking as opposed to stepping on the peddle. Also the case of smart shower the price has been overrated.