Finding the Job of Your Dreams

We can all find the job of our dreams as long as we are determined and we employ the right strategy. Everything in life requires strategy including finding your dream job. The right strategy will get you anywhere you want. With many job seekers in the market, it may be frustrating to find a good job. The fact that there is a flood of job seekers and they are all skilled may be frustrating. That is why you need the right strategy. Some of the things you can do to get the job of your dreams may include:

Finding the Job of Your Dreams

Work on your resume

Your resume gives someone the first impression of you. You should make sure that it is well articulated and you have highlighted your strengths and skills. Employers go through your resume to decide if they want to interview you or not. Make it as professional as possible at the same time interesting. Also look out at some of the small details such as the kind of format, font type and font size. You should note that different places have different preferred formats and before you apply somewhere try to confirm the kind of format that may work with the company.

Advance your skills

You should always work on improving your skills. At least learn something new every day. That will make sure that you are ahead of your competitors. In a world of stiff competition you should work on being at the top and one sure way of doing that is being really good at what you are doing, being good means striving to always learn something new every day and increasing your skillset.

Start as an intern

Since your dream company may be the dream company f many others and hence there may be a lot of competition, a good way to start may be as an intern. As an intern you will learn a lot and through your rapport with the company they may decide to hire you if they need someone that go look for someone else out there. Most companies actually choose to hire their interns.

Offer volunteer services

Maybe that company may not have any vacancies or internship opportunities, you may opt to offer volunteer services, Even though most volunteers do not get a stipend, you will learn a lot and grow in value and you may get the attention of your boss who may choose to hire you in case of any vacancy.


There are many ways of getting your dream job. Do as many applications as possible on any related vacancies and when making an application do a killer application letter. A great application letter is a good way of getting the attention of your hiring manager. Skip the generic kind as everyone does that. Also get to know who the hiring manager is so that you get more tips on acing that interview in case you are called for one. For example if you get an invitation for an interview with Occidental vacation club, make sure you also find out more about the company so that you may know how you can be of value to them.

Getting The Best Camcorder

Everyone has their own definition of best and what may be the best for someone else may not be necessarily the best for you. Well that said who would not want the best camcorder for their needs. It means you will have a better relationship with your camcorder and it will serve your needs better. The best camcorder for you will however depend on your needs, once your needs are defined it can be easy to get the best. To make sure that you end up with the best, there are critical factors that you have to consider when shopping for one. They may include:

Getting The Best Camcorder


The resolution of a camcorder is what defines the clarity and detail in the footage. It is normally measured in pixels and the higher the number of pixels the camcorder has the better the resolution it has. Initially, resolution was either standard definition or high definition (HD). Now it’s mostly between HD and 4 K resolutions which is very high resolution.  Most HD would be between 720p to 1080p while 4k is 4000p. 4K is very high end in quality over HD but the downside however is that you will need either a 4k screen or a big monitor in order to enjoy the high quality. If you watch 4k on a regular screen it will give you a HD footage which will not feel very different.

Sensor size

Sensor size is what determines the quality of the video. Sensors vary among camcorders but mostly larger sensors are needed for high resolution. If you are comparing two camcorders with the same resolution, going for the larger sensor is always better. Sensors are also used in capturing light when shooting especially in low light areas. Larger sensors can be able to capture more light as compared to small sensors. You should however note that sensors for cameras and camcorder differ in that sensors for camcorders are usually relatively smaller.

Bit Rate

If you are doing a comparison of two cameras that has the same sensor and resolution. Then you have to check the bit rate. Higher bit rates can give a higher quality for large files. Higher bit rates will however fill your memory card faster hence you will have to get an additional large and fast SD card unless the camcorder has a large internal memory.

Image stabilization

Image stabilization is what helps to prevent a shaky footage. Different camcorders have different measures that they use to achieve image stabilization.


Finding the best camcorder is clearly simple and easy as long as you know what to look out for. You will however do a vast research and comparisons to get the best value for money. Sony has many great camcorders such as the Sony hvr-v1u. Since Sony as a brand has been the pioneer of camcorders, you are assured of a good camcorder. When shopping for a camcorder it is also important to read the reviews of the product as it gives you a preview of what to expect.