Tips To Make You Look Fantastic on TV

Everyone is raving about the ultimately sexy scenes in the popular film; Fifty Shades of Grey but all the awe seemed to melt away as a close-up revealed Dakota Johnson’s very hairy legs in one of the steaming scenes… You cannot help but wonder whether it was another feminist move or just an accident but either way; it does give you a pretty sour aftertaste if you consider your own TV close-up that is happening soon.  If a stunning actress like Dakota Johnson can look a bit…err… hairy on TV then what will the outcome be for an average person?  Everyone wants to look their best on TV and preparing for a TV show is quite nerve wrecking, especially if makeup and styling an outfit isn’t one of your strong talents.  Here are a few tips that might help you out just a bit.

Tips To Make You Look Fantastic on TV

Quality jewelry fashions a quality look

The red carpet is all about glistening jewelry, designed clothing and perfect makeup for one simple reason; the more expensive the piece, the more the admiration.  While you probably don’t have to invest in the world’s most expensive jewelry piece for your TV take, you don’t want to get caught on film wearing cheap or fake jewelry.  Lugano Diamonds are absolutely breathtaking and is the perfect choice for creating high quality look while you are appearing on camera.

What to wear?

This is probably one of the toughest things to consider. Your clothing should match your age, style, TV show theme and body.  A smart casual look is the best look to consider for most TV show appearances and you should definitely be sure that your outfit is fitted well and wrinkle free. Nothing oversized, baggy or flowing and nothing that is too tight.

Mind your hair!

If you don’t have exceptional hair styling skills then get the help of your hair stylist.  A TV appearance might even be a good idea to try out a new hairstyle, haircut or even color just to ensure that you look groomed.  Just be careful not to change too much, especially if you are not sure whether the look will suit you.

Avoid makeup glitches

Even the best and most famous of actresses make a huge mistake with their makeup.  What you look like in the mirror is definitely not what you look like on camera.  The best way to ensure that you don’t end up with an oily face or too powdery look is by getting the help of a professional makeup artist.  If you do have good makeup skills then remember to keep oil control blotting papers and touchup kits close by so you can look your best throughout your movie takes.

Too much – is too much

Don’t wear anything that is too strange, too distracting, too bold or too unusual.  You will end up feeling even more self-conscious on TV and your outfit or bold accessories could distract the audience from the true message in the show.