Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Should Start with a Smile

They say that a smile uses less muscles than a frown, and so it would probably make more sense to smile, even when you’re angry at something. A smile is something that invites people to us, since when we smile, we radiate warmth. A smile radiates feelings of happiness. Imagine customers coming over to your television studio offices, only to find the customer service reps in bad moods with frowns all over their faces. If they were coming to sell advertisement on your network, they would probably think twice about it. it would probably make sense to go somewhere else, where the customer service reps have smiles. A smile is not only friendly, but it is welcoming. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why excellent customer service should start with a smile.

Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Should Start with a Smile

Reasons Why Excellent Customer Service Should Start with a Smile

A smile is more than an expression, since it communicates the state of mind of the person who is smiling. A non-visual smile can even be sensed over the phone, judging from the way a person is talking. This is a very important factor that all customer service reps should adapt, since it enhances the exchange of products, sharing of knowledge, and the offering of solutions.

A smile can make people tell the mindset of the person that is smiling. It can be a reflection of your television broadcasting company, since it is a validation of the company’s promise. It is a smile that brings the first impression to the company and plays a role in all of the business that you conduct. It is that smile that determines your relationship with your clients. It starts long before we even talk, and doesn’t end when we are done with our transactions.

Not only does a smile tell our first impressions, it also tells our attitude, adding that personal touch that says that we would like to serve our clients. It is that smile that will tell clients that we are willing to go that extra mile for them, and make them buy. Even when we aren’t face to face with the clients, probably talking on phone, our tone can tell the clients whether we are smiling or not.

The most important of all the points that we have mentioned is the fact that a smile is an invitation. It is the one that sets the trend and brings about that rapport with the clients. It initiates trust, which is very important for every business in order to succeed.

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What Is a Camera Slider and How Can It Help You in Filming TV Shows

Directing and filming TV shows is not an easy task.  Directors have their hands full with controlling the cast and with keeping up with the needs of actors while trying to capture a great story on film.  Modern TV shows are highly competitive.  There are so many different TV shows on the market and most of them are competing for broadcasting space in order to be successful.  Cameramen and women have to constantly upgrade their methods and gear in order to stay ahead of the competition and to keep their videos short and action-packed.  A camera slider is a handy little device that just about any filmmaker, blogger or director needs for improved filming.

What is a camera slider?

A motorized camera slider is a fantastic yet very simple looking piece of photography equipment.  This type of camera slide along with a good quality camera is the perfect solution for capturing brilliant shots over time.  You can take great motorized film slides; take great time-lapse photographs and record gorgeous DSLR videos.

What Is a Camera Slider and How Can It Help You in Filming TV Shows

What Is a Camera Slider and How Can It Help You in Filming TV Shows

How a camera slider can help you when filming TV shows

Camera sliders are basically used to smooth in and out of movies or film without all that shaking and shivering you usually see when you are watching a censored movie.  The slide basically makes it possible for the camera to glide closer and further away from the subject so while taking great zoom films without all the shaking.

  • These slides are great for taking great photos or videos all on your own. The slide automatically slides up and down the slide bar so filming becomes a lot smoother.
  • These slides make it possible to get great shots of your characters in all types of strange movements.
  • The slides are a lot more affordable than other anti-shake methods that you might try.
  • The slides are great for photography, especially if you love to take time-delay shots.

You can make your own camera slide

It is entirely possible for you to make your own camera slide.  A cheap DIY camera slide can be made from wood and PVC piping.  These types of DIY projects are inexpensive but can be incredibly time-consuming where a new camera slide is surprisingly affordable, available in various sizes and very efficient.

It’s much easier and better to buy

Camera slides are not particularly expensive.  On Photography Gear Guide you can check out all the best motorized camera slider 2018 and learn more about the functionality of these slides. You can view all the best slides on the market, see what others think of the slide, learn more about all the features of the slide and much more before you make the final decision to buy.  The site will even help you figure out how to use the camera slide without much effort to you at all.

A camera slide can be a very handy device when you are in the TV filming industry.  They are handy for photography and especially when it comes to zooming in and out of scenes while you are filming.

Best Hair Removal Creams

Just like in many things, even in hair removal creams best is normally relative. This is due to the fact that what is best for one person may not be the best for someone else. There are however many factors that may define what makes the best hair creams. Normally it is the ingredients of a hair cream that define if it is good or not. The ingredients unfortunately react differently to different people hence you have to know what toll out for to find a shaving cream that works best for you. Some of the factors to consider when you are looking for a shaving cream include:

Best Hair Removal Creams

Best Hair Removal Creams

Your type of skin

Different skin types react differently to different shaving creams. It is therefore important to understand your skin type so that you can find what works best for you. Not all creams react the same way for all skin types. There are also people who have allergic and sensitive skin who should go for hypo allergic creams that will not give them an allergic reaction. If you are trying a shaving cream for the first time and are unsure what will work for your skin type it is best to go for natural shaving creams since they have a mild reaction on the skin.

Hair texture

As much as different parts of the body may have different hair textures, it is good to consider your hair texture when looking for a hair removal cream. There are those that are best suited for coarse hair, while others are meant for silky hair while others meant for thick dense hair. Most of the time the shaving creams will specify while there are those that are multipurpose.

Where you plan on using it

Since different body parts have different textures, you should choose a shaving cream based on where you plan on shaving. There are some shaving creams that are best suitable for certain body parts more than others. For example there are shaving creams that are meant for underarms while others meant for the bikini and they cannot be mixed.

Ingredients of the hair removal cream

Different shaving creams have different ingredients and they are the ones that will determine the performance of the shaving cream. There are some that will have mild reactions since they have been made with mild ingredients. On the other hand there are those that have adverse reactions especially those that are meant for coarse hair. The ingredients also have different intensity of reactions and that will affect how it reacts with your skin. It is therefore important to check on the ingredients of the shaving cream.

Potential side effects

Different creams have different side effects depending on the kind of ingredients that the shaving cream has.  There are some shaving creams that have itching reactions, some will give redness, and some have allergic reactions. In as much as most of the time the effects will disappear as soon as the shaving session is over, it is better to go for a shaving cream that has minimal or no side effects.

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