The most memorable events covered on TV

A variety of G have been broadcasted on TV since the beginning of this popular age. There are too many to mention but a few really had an impact on viewers all over the world.  TV is more than 62 years old and changed the way we view live and learn about events. All those years ago families used to surround the radio to learn about things and then Television came to life.

In 1981 the wedding of Charles and Diana was one of the most watched events on TV. Entire families were glued to their TV sets to watch the royal wedding and enjoy seeing the beautiful dress and union.  Many people are royal enthusiasts and fans and this infamous wedding had a lot to do with that. It was quite a spectacle and will be remembered for years to come. Click here to take a look at pictures of the wedding.

The most memorable events covered on TV

Dallas was one of the most popular shows on television.  We never missed an episode and one of the most shocking episodes thus far was the one were J.R got shot. Viewers couldn’t get over that one episode. It was featured on magazine covers and pretty much all media at that time.

There was also the Checkers speech done by Richard Nixon. Where a president reveals his entire financial situation on national television people watch and get involved. There have been many other political occurrences aired on TV. Something that should be covered by national television is the hawk release that occurred at Green Chimneys. This birds of prey day is quite a celebrated event with a student releasing this beautiful creature. So many people respect this tradition and love seeing the release of such an amazing creature.

The Final Tonight Show by Johnny Carson in 1992. This was before the days of cable. The Tonight Show was always a personal favorite in most households. Johnny Carson was featured on this show for 30 years and it was quite an emotional exit for this favorite host. With a wonderful speech the exit was done and the famous host thanked the audience for the privilege to be in their households. It was a heartfelt moment for the host and his viewers and fans. Click here to take a look at this historical clip in the history of entertainment television.

It is no secret that so many occurrences has held our attention and that we couldn’t easily get away from our TV set. Who can forget the terrorist attack in 2011 on the World Trade Centre? Everyone around the world sat glued and watched in horror as this terrible thing happened. We witnessed as the second plane hit and how people were traumatized by the fear of trying to exit the buildings. Televisions has really played a huge part in our lives and formed a part of our daily lives since way back when. We can only be grateful for this wonderful technology that was discovered.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Stamps and stamping have been used for a very long time. The first form of stamping was called sealing.  A seal was an impression made in wax, clay, paper or more and was used to close down certain documentation or areas so the sender and receiver would know if someone opened the parcels.  Some of the oldest seals ever used dates back to the Bronze Age and seals were commonly used during the 15 hundreds by especially noblemen and women.  Stamps are still used to this very day in the form of postage stamps and ink stamps that are used to quickly signature a document or date a document.  It is surprising that stamp usage survived our technology age and is still in use and we can only wonder how long this ancient practice will continue before stamps usage becomes a permanent chapter in our history books.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Today’s most commonly used stamps

Where stamps used to be used by only royalty or noble women and men, they are now most commonly used by businesses and by the post office.  But you can still own your very own stamp for personal usage.  Plenty of men and women use self inking stamps to create business cards at home, to sign for parcels and documents and to receive packages.  Self-inking stamps are especially popular for small businesses and home businesses that find it too hard, time consuming and expensive to print customized documents every time they process documents. You can get a custom made self inking stamp that contain all the information you want, any logo you want and in any ink color for any form personal or business use even in our modern technology age.

TV shows that actually made their way to stamps

Postage stamps are mostly created with certain historical background.  They mostly contain the images of historical figures, animals, flags, important buildings and more.  But every now and then, postage companies will try to create unique postage stamps in order to boost the sales of these stamps.  Here are a few TV shows that were featured on stamps because someone somewhere thought that these TV shows would boost the sales of these stamps 

The Cosby Show – This hit comedy was sold for 33 pennies 

Lassie – Everyone loved the popular Lassie TV show and it is no surprise that Lassie was a big hit on postage seals. 

Frankenstein – Boris Karloff was one of the best impressions of Frankenstein ever and these stamps were a huge hit during Halloween season. 

Dr Suess “The Cat in the Hat” – One of the most popular children books ever was a favorite pick by kids. 

Popeye – This classic comic definitely deserves a spot in history and was also a big hit on stamps. 

Star Wars – It wasn’t just stamp collectors that collected these stamps, they were also a favorite amongst Star Wars fans. 

Disney shows and moviesMickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid and Alice in wonderland are just a few of the many Disney TV shows and movies that made popular on stamp collections.

The Best Fitness TV Shows Of All Time

Fitness shows have been around for a long time. This is a confirmation of the fact that fitness TV shows are not a fad and are watched and loved by people all over the world. With so much to choose from, it becomes overwhelming when one needs to settle on watching just a few good ones. If you’re contemplating on which fitness TV shows you should watch, here are some top picks!

The Best Fitness TV Shows Of All Time

The Dr. Oz Show

As soon as Dr. Oz made an appearance on the Oprah show, individuals have been a fanatic of both his delivery and expertise. To such an extent that his own particular show has kept on being a high-evaluations most loved for quite a long while now. From medical advice to healthy food recipes to tips on the best way to get a flat tummy and boost your metabolism, you can tune in every day to get a bunch of information that is physically useful to you long after the hour-long program goes off.

Nonetheless, with any show you watch, you need to ensure that you pick out the right products for your fitness eating routine. Proteins are a given, but the problem is that anything high on protein tends to be a little expensive. Luckily, you can use Muscle Food mince meat code to get discounts and get your dose of protein. Make sure you check out other discount vouchers as well to make the best of it!

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser show has most likely been the best unscripted TV fitness show that has seen so much business achievement. Since the show is such a hit, it’s not out of the question to expect that each season that closures meet with watchers’ failure. Be that as it may, one of the cool thing about this program (takes after a group of individuals as they contend to lose the most pounds), is that they have an online club that gives you the chance to make an individual eating routine profile ( Along these lines, you can remain all alone eating routine and exercise regimen when the season is not airing on television.


My Style Network has a related show that takes after a plus sized woman and a cast of people as they investigate all things healthy with from time to time. The program at first kept running on Sunday’s at 7pm CST, yet there are at present no new scenes on the calendar. However, the privilege with the Internet is that you can watch previous ones online on My Style Network’s site.

Add up to Fitness with Gilad

In case you’re a go-getter, the Discovery Fit and Health station has this program pretense for 30 minutes every morning at 6:30 CST. Fitness coach Gilad’s emphasis is generally on quality training and cardio, yet each program walks you through different focus points of the body.

Comcast’s On Demand

A considerable measure of us don’t understand that with regards to our Comcast link membership, we’re paying for the accommodation of On Demand thus we should utilize it. In the event that you go to the Sports and Fitness segment, there is a class called “Wellness Workouts” that includes a wide range of activity choices including move, kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga and even Kids Fun Fitness. You may likewise need to verify whether there is DVD duplication services accessible for any of these projects (in a few cities, the choice is given).

Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Business to TV

You probably cringe the moment you hear about someone telling you to start your own affiliate marketing or MLM Company so you can earn money from anywhere in the world or even from home without actually having to do product manufacturing yourself.  Most people fear these types of businesses because there are so many scammers out there that take advantage of people that are desperate to work from home.  But affiliate marketing and MLM companies can be surprisingly rewarding. There are also surprisingly many of these businesses out there.  In fact, by now you have probably purchased goods through one of these businesses without even realizing it.  This type of business can be a huge success as long as your marketing plan is good.  If you are planning on becoming an affiliate marketer then perhaps it is time to give TV marketing a shot so you can make a much bigger success of your business much earlier on.

Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Business to TV

How TV marketing can help your business

TV marketing is one of the best marketing channels in the world but is greatly avoided by affiliate marketers because they fear that the cost isn’t worth the publicity.  The internet is transforming the way people are using TV.  In fact, these days you can watch TV without any network TV because online channels like Netflix allows you to stream any content you like.  These online TV channels are also making TV marketing much more affordable for businesses when it comes to visual promotional content.  When you market your affiliate companies products on an online channel or even a network TV you get a much wider reach for your online business and people cannot help to consider your service since they watch your video without even thinking.

How to get started in affiliate marketing

Bengu Marketing is a great company that offers the best advice for starting an online business like an MLM company or affiliate marketing business.  The site offers a lot of free advice to help you gets started and you can check out their free online business training and get the best tips to get your website up and running and to get your products promoted as widely as possible.

Watch out for scamming MLM companies

Now you might be a bit worried about being scammed when you are getting started in MLM or affiliate marketing but you need not be.  As said before, the chances are pretty good that you have already purchased goods through an affiliate marketer because they are found on so many popular sites.  Fitness sites are a good example of affiliate marketing because these businesses lure in lots of clients to their website and then sell fitness and health products and get paid commission or load the prices slightly so they can earn a good income from their sales.    To help you steer clear of dodgy MLM companies you can find out exactly what to look for when you are looking to start your own MLM company and to find out how you can avoid scammers at all times on Bengu.

10 Movies with the Most Popular Jewelry Pieces

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  We can see this once again in iconic movies that feature some of the most expensive and precious jewelry pieces in the world.  One of the easiest ways to create a high quality and sophisticated look is by adding a piece of expensive jewelry to your outfit.  Jewelry is also one of the best types of fashion investments you can make since these timeless pieces can be handed down from generation to generation without ever losing its value.  Some of the pieces found in the following list are valued in the millions which makes it rather impossible to wear on a day out, unless you are planning on being escorted by a team of guards but if you are looking for a jewelry collection that will make you shine on a daily basis then you can definitely consider the pieces by Moti Ferder.  Moti Ferder’s jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and is definitely one of the best fashion investments you can make.  And while you are looking at some of the wonderful pieces by Moti Ferder you can also take a quick look at these 10 movies with the most popular jewelry pieces in the world.

10 Movies with the Most Popular Jewelry Pieces

Titanic – The blue heart-shaped diamond is one of the most famous jewelry pieces in movie history.  The “Heart of the Ocean” was composed of a 170-carat sapphire and contains 65 diamonds with a total of 30 carats.  The necklace was sold for $2.2 million at a charity auction after the movie was launched.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – An 84-carat yellow diamond pendant that was designed by Harry Winston was one of the most expensive jewelry pieces ever showcased in a film and was worth about $5.3 million around 2003.

Pretty Woman – The custom designed necklace that Julia Roberts wore was designed by Frenchmen Fred Joaillier and is valued at about $250 000.  An armed security officer had to be present for the filming.

Sex and the City – Black diamonds became immensely popular after a 5-carrat black diamond engagement ring was presented in this movie.

Moulin Rouge – One of the most unique necklaces ever made was seen in this film.  Australian jeweler Stefano Cantur created this unique piece from 1308 diamonds.

Blue Jasmine – An emerald diamond engagement ring and diamond pendants worn by Kate Blanchet was also some of the most popular pieces ever in movie history.

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Cameron Diaz set the engagement ring trend in the late 90’s with her channel engagement ring set in this movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn’s diamond and pearl necklace in this movie resulted in a main fashion trend in the 1960s.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – the ‘diamonds are forever’ motif was created in this movie when Marilyn Monroe danced the red carpet wearing a cluster diamond necklace of which the center piece alone was 24.04 carats.

Gone with the Wind – The brooch that Scarlet O’harra wore in this 1940s movie belonged to the costume designers mother and pretty soon every woman was seen wearing heritage pieces.

Importance of Choosing a Limo with WiFi

If you’re planning a wedding in the near future, or know of someone who is planning one, one of the key features at the wedding will be the mode of transport that the groom and maid will drive in. In this day and age, everything depends on the internet, and that means that you would want to go for a limo that is equipped with WiFi. This way, you can catch up on what is going on, arrangements and all, via the internet. Below are some advantages of WiFi connectivity.

Advantages of Wi-Fi

The biggest advantage of using WiFi technology is the fact that it is a wireless connection that can connect multiple devices at the same time. This is an advantage in the event that you’re not allowed to connect cables, in places like halls, exhibitions and other places like that.

Importance of Choosing a Limo with WiFi

Wi-Fi networks connect many devices at the same time, not only between themselves but also to the Internet. Almost all the devices available on the market such as laptops, smartphones and tablets come with this feature. The devices can connect to the internet from anywhere, whether in the park or at a conference hall.

Another advantage is the fact that it is easy to create a mesh WiFi. It is easy to use since all that one has to do is to turn on the WiFi feature on their devices and connect to the available network. Some might ask for a password for security reasons, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have it. Most businesses have switched to this system.

Standardization of Wi-Fi technology allows you to connect to a WiFi network no matter where they are on the earth. All equipment with technology Wi-Fi certified and allows us to achieve high compatibility.

Perth Stretch Hummers

We began discussing the topic by mentioning limousines with WiFi network connectivity, and so we might as well mention the Perth Stretch Hummers, a limousine company in Perth that specifies in Hummer limousines. It is one of the largest limousine hire Perth. Perth Stretch Hummers provide an experience that you would not want to miss out on for that event of yours. The service offers three stretch Hummer limos for hire in Stunning Purple, Diamond White and Hot Pink. These party limousines are the perfect match for whatever function you have, whether it is a ride from a school ball to weddings and even kid’s parties or Perth Swan valley wine tours. This is the biggest Hummer limousine service in Perth, and although there are several other limousine companies, this Hummer company stands out from the crowd.


  • Wedding hire
  • School ball limo hire
  • Hen ball limo hire
  • Kids parties in Perth
  • Social functions
  • Swan valley wine tours
  • Corporate functions
  • Limo hires for concerts
  • Birthday parties

What they Offer

When in Perth, the first thing to riding in a stretch Hummer limo is that it has to be fun. Perth Stretch Hummers know that, and that is the reason why it has many recurring customers. The 14-seater Hummer H2 limousines are appropriate for all of those occasions that you would like to attend in Perth. The colours are attractive and you’re bound to have everyone looking after you whenever you drive by.

Fully Loaded Interiors

The limos are fitted with all the luxuries that you could possibly think of while you’re on the move. The have laser lighting rigs, multiple flat screen TVs, pumping sound systems and even smoke machines. You can even start the party in the limo if you bring along your drinks. The limo service will take care of the ice.

Professional Chauffeurs

Safety and comfort come first, and that is the reason why Perth Stretch Hummers only work with experienced and fully qualified chauffeurs. They aim to provide you with the best service in the city, with the best drivers, at the best prices!


If you live in Perth or its environs, and you’re looking for a limo to hire, Perth Stretch Hummers will offer you everything you need. They offer  excellent services for great prices.

Mobile App for Your Business

Studies have shown that the average person spends approximately two hours a day on their mobile phone. That alone should be reason enough for you to start building a mobile app for your business. There is a common belief that only big brands can have mobile apps, but that is a misplaced notion and no matter how small your business is, you should have a mobile app for it. The truth is that everyone spends a lot of time online, including you if you’re reading this, and that alone is enough to encourage you to make an app for your business. Most apps rely on the internet for the ultimate experience. Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should get an app for your business:

Mobile App for Your Business

Be Visible to Customers at All Times

Like I mentioned above, the average mobile user spends about two hours a day on their mobile device. This means that they have to unlock and scroll through the device as they look for the app they would like to use. If your app has a well-designed icon or image, the fact that it is in the way will make it register in the minds of users subconsciously.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Apps offer many different services such as general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and many more. This means that you can bring the customers all the information right to their fingertips, and through push notifications, this brings about direct interaction, reminding them of your products and services.

Provide Value to Your Customers

Provide value to the customers by digitalizing that loyalty program you have in place, and make it possible for them to collect their rewards through the app.

Build Brand and Recognition

Mobile apps can bring awareness to your business, and this can be broken down into two aspects:


Mobile apps can be compared to blank billboard signs, and it is up to you to play around with it. You can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative, while ensuring that it has features that the customers will love.


“Effective frequency” is whereby you get customers involved with your app, thus encouraging them to make that purchase. Hearing or seeing the brand many times is what will get your business really noticed.

Improve Customer Engagement

It does not matter what services you’re offering your customers need a way to reach you. Include messaging or help desk features within the app. Instead of having customers call you, let them communicate with you in a couple of clicks on the platform. That is bound to bring the difference that you’ve been waiting for.

The Sound Pipe Media

Now that we are talking about apps, we thought it best to bring you one of the places that you can turn to if you would like an app developed for you, The Sound Pipe Media, app developers London. They began developing apps 6 years ago and they now specialize in Social networking apps both for iOS/Android. They inside of the Informal communication space and ecommerce Long range interpersonal communication. Applications like Uber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.


App Development

The Sound Pipe Media specialize in designing, developing and deploying custom iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry mobile apps for different types of businesses. They bring mobile communication technology to a new level by enhancing interactivity and business benefits through apps, taking on any challenge.

Game Development

The Sound Pipe Media aim to bring about the best in iOS and Android game development. They have a creative team that is ready to create 3D and 2D base games with real life physics engines and using the latest Box2D SDK’s. They develop cross platform games iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices, and once they’re done, they can also run a revenue share scheme with the client.

UI Design

The Sound Pipe media combine an array of skills such as exploration strategy and graphic design, bringing about smooth and lovely interface outlines that consolidate key parts of data structural engineering and client experience into consistent entireties.

Video production

Based in Mayfair, London, UK, The Sound Pipe Media are a music video production that specializes within a range of commercials, music promos, corporate video to web video and virals. They cover all aspects of video production from directing and producing to camera, lighting, editing and post-production services.


For any app to be successful, it has to rely upon a fitting showcasing effort. This is because the application stores are crammed commercial centers, making the apps require special boosts. The Sound Pipe Media can market your apps for you and get them noticed.


I’m guessing that you’ve just learned yet another effective way to get your business noticed, through a mobile app. The next step is to begin developing that app, and the best way would be through professionals that have been doing it for years and even winning awards, The Sound Pipe Media.

Using GPS When Mountain Biking

Imagine going mountain biking through a series of trails for a couple of hours, only to realize that you can’t remember your way back to your starting point. That could turn out into the most horrific day of your life. That is why we are going to find out why a smartphone is a better device to use than a GPS device.

How is a Smartphone Better than a Handheld GPS?

A smartphone is more user friendly that an GPS device. The fact that they are come with touch screens, have the pinch, zoom and slide feature in their maps, making it easier to slide the maps around, makes them the better option. Mapping ‘apps’ are simple as compared to the complicated looking menu systems that don GPS devices. With a smartphone, you can download the apps directly from the app stores without accessing a computer.

Most of the decent mapping apps make sure that they are updated frequently, meaning that the maps are current. Smartphones are quicker and more accurate than GPS devices, the smartphone speeds aided by the mobile telephone infrastructure around the globe. Smartphones also come with larger screens, making it easier to read even when the device is an arms-length away. Smartphones also have the advantage of being multi-purpose as they can be used as phones, for emails, to take photos and many more things. Smartphones charge faster as compared to GPS devices.

Using GPS When Mountain Biking

Camelbak Hydration Packs

Now that we are talking about mountain biking, there is also something very important to keep in mind when mountain biking, water. With time, you are bound to become dehydrated, and that will bring us to our next topic, hydration packs.

Camelbak is an outdoor equipment company based in California, USA. The founder of Camelbak, Michael Eidson, came up with the idea for the Camelbak hydration pack while competing in an endurance bike race in Texas, in 1988.

Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack

When all you want is water, this most minimalist bike pack holds a 1.5L Antidote reservoir in a narrow profile that maximizes your range of motion. Super lightweight with one small front pocket and reflective strip for early morning and evening safety.


  • Super lightweight and perfect for shorter rides
  • Incredible build quality with weather resistant materials


  • You may require more storage and water for longer rides.

Camelbak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

The original narrow-gauge mountain biking pack.


XV Back Panels

Lightweight back panels keep air moving over your back, even when the pack is fully loaded.

External Helmet Hooks

Helmet hooks make it easy to carry protection when you’re not on your bike.

Tool and Gear Compartments

Pockets for keeping tools and electronics handy, plus a clip for your keys.

Easy-Open 1/4 Turn Valve

The air-light fill port has the largest opening on the market – making it quick and easy to fill and clean the reservoir. Opening and closing the cap is now more simple and secure than ever, with our intuitive 1/4 turn cap.


  • A very large pack designed for long rides
  • Huge bladder which comes in handy if you decide to lengthen your ride
  • Enough room for a change of clothes or an SLR camera


  • None! This is a great backpack.

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

The convenience of external fill in a sleek bike pack. The 2L Antidote reservoir can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. Two external pockets for small items like keys, wallet, phone or storage for a shed layer. Stretch elastic side panels provide for expansion; twin compression straps shrink pack down when empty. Reflective back strip with tab to click on a blinker for early morning and evening safety.


  • A super-lightweight design for fast or competitive riding
  • Enough room to carry the essentials


  • You may require some additional storage for longer rides where you want to take lunch and a change of clothes

Camelbak Thermobak 3.0 Liter Hydration System

The original Camelbak product, continuously improved and upgraded, then battle-tested by hundreds of thousands of troops worldwide. Includes 100 oz (3 L) MIL spec antidote reservoir long with quick link. More than just a reservoir, the MIL spec antidote reservoir redefines the ultimate delivery system for an Operator’s water supply and provides maximum adaptability for changing missions or combat environments.

Includes the quick link exit Port and ql hydrolock Bite valve adapter: tube clicks off for faster refilling with auto shut-off; new fill Port: industry’s largest opening with air-light 1/4 turn open/close for quick, secure seal that can’t be over-tightened; lighter-weight, lower-profile design. Quick-release shoulder straps unclip for easy removal and storage inside back panel stash pocket, use D-ring attachment points to add to any Armor vest or pack with MOLLE, fully-insulated reservoir compartment using 7 mm closed cell foam, add or remove name Tags and unit badges quickly with integrated hook-and-loop, external fill for rapid Refill without having to remove reservoir from pack, 500D corduroy fabric.


  • A super-lightweight design with a huge 3-liter bladder
  • Really well insulated!
  • Some attachments for your helmet and other essentials


  • Does not contain much compartment space

Camelbak products women’s L.U.X.E. Hydration Backpack

This pack is an all-terrain hero. The L.U.X.E. carries enough gear for a full day of mountain biking, with a narrow-gauge design that lets your focus on the ride, not your pack. The 3-liter reservoir holds enough water for rides of 3+ hours, and the pack offers extra storage for anything the trail might throw at you (or your bike): keys, helmet, a layer, lunch and bike tools. The XV back panels keep air moving over your back, and the removable waist belt keeps everything in place during bumpy rides. Thanks to the women’s-specific design, the velvetex-lined shoulder and chest straps will fit comfortably on your chest without chafing, and the shorter pack length offers a better ergonomic fit.


  • A smart design which is ideal or women.
  • A huge 3-liter bladder!
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • None, this is an outstanding product.


When going mountain climbing in a place that you’re not familiar with, it is important to carry along your smartphone so that you can use it as a GPS. In the event that it starts raining, you can store it away in your Camelback for mountain climbing backpack along with other things.

Things That Make Any Television Series Our Favorites

There are times when we start watching a new TV series, and before we know it, we are completing hooked. Two days is all it takes for us to watch the whole season. However, there have also been times when we couldn’t bear to watch a show after the pilot episode. Have you ever wondered why? Why sometimes a television show just ‘clicks’ while others seem like torture? The four factors that make any TV series worth watching are:

  1. Intriguing Storyline:

The first and foremost quality of a good TV show is that it has a storyline which keeps the viewers interested from the beginning. We remember people watching the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy and instantly falling in love with the show. After just one episode people thought to themselves ‘Whoa! We cannot wait to watch the whole series’. That’s how it should be.

Plus, the storyline should be unique. Everybody is tired of watching the good guys catch the bad guys and live happily ever after. Now people want to watch shows where the main lead is a bad guy. That is why, shows like Hannibal, The Blacklist, and Breaking Bad are gaining massive popularity.

Furthermore, humor is also an important element. A TV series that constantly shows misery gets boring and depressing after some time. Just the right amount of drama, romance, misery, action, and humor can make a good TV show great.

  1. Good Cinematography:

We all have watched TV shows where the story had potential, but it felt like something was missing. There were shows like Packed to The Rafters, which had the possibility of being famous, but due to the lack of cinematography, they weren’t watched by many.

On the contrary, TV series like Fargo, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Scream Queens, Riverdale, Hannibal, Marco Polo, and Game of Thrones have become quite a hit due to their astonishing cinematography and eye-pleasing aesthetic. Riverdale and Fargo are two of the top-rated shows, partly because of the aesthetic. The key to a good TV series; relevant settings that go well with the whole theme of the show.

  1. Spot-on Music:

Never underestimate the power of good music. Playing right music at the right time is not a skill that many possess.

Things That Make Any Television Series Our Favorites

Let’s say, there is a fighting scene on screen and suddenly a ukulele starts playing in the background. Won’t that just kill the whole mood? If there is an action scene, then the music should have the just the right amount of bass. Something that sounds like it is coming straight from the best ESP 7 string guitar.

A car racing scene and ACDC’s Highway to Hell playing in the back will give you just the adrenaline rush you need. Music works when words don’t, and it can make or break a show.

  1. Relatable characters:

As humans, we like to feel a kinship with other people. TV shows like Friends, This Is Us, and Grey’s Anatomy has top-ratings not just on the charts but also in people’s hearts. It is because the characters in those shows are faulty and relevant. Suffice to say, we all can relate to every character from This Is Us. May it be Kevin’s need for attention, Kate’s nurturing nature or Jack’s love for his family. On the other hand, we all are Joey from Friends when it comes to sharing our food.

In addition to that, Grey’s Anatomy has characters that depict the real essence of being human. We can even relate to Walter White from Breaking Bad because his character had depth; a man diagnosed with cancer who is ready to risk everything for his family. Nobody likes to watch a TV show where the characters and the storyline are poles apart.