Benefits of Connecting TV to The Internet

There have been lots of improvements in television over the years. As everything seems impossible to be done without internet, you can even connect your TV to the internet now. Internet-ready Television allows access to a range of added benefits. You can stream shows and movies, discover new shows, download apps, enjoy on-demand titles and what not. It enhances your entertainment whether you connect your TV directly to the router or through Wi-Fi.

However, your mind might get stuck on why someone should spend extra money on smart TVs when he or she have computers, smartphones or laptops. Here are some benefits of internet TV that you can enjoy.

Benefits of Connecting TV to The Internet

Stream Video Content

The main advantage of having an internet TV is you can stream online video services such as Netflix®, Crackle and Hulu Plus. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows on HD screen of your television whenever you want rather than on tablet and laptop that you have to keep charged. It allows you to have access to other YouTube videos and internet content. Likewise, you would have the option of streaming videos on demand that you can pause and resume at any time.

TV apps:

Some internet TVs spotlight a range of application that you can download on TV and access by using the remote. You can enjoy streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix®. Additionally, you can stay connected to social media through the TV. You can check on Facebook and Twitter accounts on a big screen while watching your favorite show. You can even share with your friends what you are watching.

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Less clutter:

Everything a TV needs to access the internet is built inside it. No external devices are needed to access web-based content on TV. You do not need a Blu-ray player to be connected to stream high definition content because services like Vudu help you stream the content in 1080p. The lesser the need for extra devices, lesser is the amount of clutter around your television. No extra cables and cords mean no mess behind the television.

Web Browsing:

Web browsing is one of the great benefits of internet TV. Some manufacturers offer the internet facilities that are just limited to the applications on the TV. At the same time, other internet TVs allow to surf the web and do quick searches. Although remote control mostly controls these televisions, those giving full access to the internet have wireless keyboards and mouse with it. In case they have not, you can connect separately with Bluetooth technology.

What thing do you need to connect TV to internet?

Television’s capability to connect online requires having an internet service that is fast enough to stream online content without any trouble. Moreover, a remote control that is designed for web navigation if it is not with the TV set.