Good Lighting: The Key to Award-Wining Cinematograhpy

Light is the most vital part of our lives. If you ponder on it, we need light as much as we need oxygen. You cannot read this article, and I couldn’t have written it without the light coming from our smartphone’s screens.

At least once in our life, we’ve come across a movie which mesmerizes us with its perfect storyline, on-point screenplay, and adrenaline-filled background music. It inspires us to such an extent that we are still in a bubble long after the movie has ended. Everyone has watched such a movie once in their lifetime. Personally, the film that charmed me the most was Birdman whose cinematographer is Emmanuel Lubezki. The same man behind the astonishing visuals of The Revenant, Gravity, The Tree of Life, The Cat in the Hat, and Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events.

Good Lighting: The Key to Award-Wining Cinematograhpy

While thinking about good movies, we often neglect to commend their lighting techniques without which we won’t be able to see the actor’s expression. But that is not the only use of good light. Here are the three key uses of light in movies:

  • To illuminate the artist:

Have you ever wondered why the actor’s face is always glowing even in dimly-lit settings? That is because there are numbers of factors at work. The lighting technique employed by award winning cinematographers is to use a soft light source (fill light) from the front, to brighten the talent’s face and make their facial expressions visible. In addition to that, a more directional and stronger backlight visually highlights and differentiates the actors from the background. Remember, the backlight is always one-point stronger than the fill light. Movies like Schindler’s List, Inglorious Bastards, The Artist, and The Hateful Eight are the prime examples of the what happens when the fill light and the backlight meet in a perfect harmony.

  • To set the mood of the scene:

Imagine the critically acclaimed horror movie ‘The Evil Dead’ shot in Wes Anderson’s style; it wouldn’t be a scary movie anymore.

Lighting sets the tone of a scene. There is a reason why dramatic scenes require an intense hot light and why horror scenes get shot in dim light. It is to have an emotional impact on the audience. In a movie, cinematography tells half of the story and the remaining half is acted out. Think about the iconic Titanic scene where Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were standing with their arms wide open on the edge of the ship saying, “I’m flying.” Now, ask yourself would that scene have had the same impact on the audience if it was night time instead of the sunset? Probably, no.

  • Adequate lighting = Good quality project:

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, who dreams to make his name in the movie business, then you need to perfect the art of illumination. Make use of natural and artificial light. Open the window and let sunlight stream in. For artificial light sources, floor lamps are the best. In small areas, floor lamps are the perfect substitute for spotlights. We would suggest getting a LED arc floor lamp because of its modern and sleek design. Moreover, LED lights are long-lasting and can work for tens of thousands of hours. They consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. Hence, LED light bulbs are also cost effective and will help you save money on the electricity bill.

Illumination is an intricate element in video production, too much of it reveals the imperfections in your environment, while too little ruins the quality of the video. Mostly home-shot movies are the ones with standard lighting, which is the reason why they don’t get much appreciation. Though, film studio released films such as Suicide Squad and Alien vs. Predator: Requiem has received negative reviews too, because of the improper lighting and lack of cinematographic direction.

Pitch in Ideas for A Television Show!

The television is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of all time. However, the flip read of the coin reads it embraces flaws; yet, the advantages are contagious too. Almost every household has a television nowadays. Folks have TV not only to entertain themselves, but they also find channels that cover the news, education, and other infotainment. Moreover, in the developing times, televisions and basic cable have become more affordable for individuals to enjoy the contraption.

Starting a TV show is also not as complicated as it was in older times. The main thing you require is the genre of your show. You can choose something that is clichéd, or you can pick out something that is rare to increase your ratings and viewership like doing a show on property dealings. This kind of show will benefit persons in business, stakeholders, and people working in the particular field.

Pitch in Ideas for A Television Show!

You can invite talented people like Terence McCarthy St. Pete and allow him to discuss his experience and contributions to the society. Furthermore, you can request him to give a few tips based on his endeavors and his work. Tjm properties owned by Terence McCarthy lately acquired an Atlantic Club and planned to build a Waterpark and beach bar in it. That Club now is the subsidiary of Tjm properties. Moreover, they are building a diverse portfolio embracing individual hotels, branded properties as well as resorts. Using the president of renowned property dealers can prove to be beneficial if you plan your job right. Hence, it is crucial that you know as much as you can about him. To play the right cards, you can focus on the individual work the company does for senior retirement houses.

Furthermore, there are several topics to take into account. You can pitch ideas always and ensure they are original. If you are responsible for throwing in a new plan, or you want to think of a new idea for a show, the following points can help you. Always keep in mind that the key is uniqueness.

  1. Brainstorm:

The first and foremost thing is to brainstorm. Put your entire mind in one place and think of diverse things you can do. Be open to all kinds of ideas and inspiration you are getting from anywhere. To determine whether the idea is right or not, think ‘what if.’ Each time you ask yourself this question, you would find an answer that proves if the idea is correct or not. Once you pick a design, research comprehensively if it is has been taken already or not. After picking out the plot, ensure to choose a genre. Remember, even if your idea matches the others, you can enhance it by using your creativity.

  1. Develop characters:

Once you have a basic plot line and your genre, it is time to think of characters and content. Do you want it to be a show, series, drama, or talk show? No matter what you select, you require picking folks who are enthusiastic.

If you opt to do a game show, you will need a host, guest, judges, players, and audience. Bear in mind the duty of every single person so that you do not have confusions later on. The most vital aspect here is to ensure that you stay original and unique.

  1. Determine the production:

Once you have the main details on the paper, it is time to look at the budget. Everything needs to be strictly planned. The budget determines if the show is probable or not. Sponsors are a way of running the show without any financial troubles. You have to make a presentation to sell your idea to the channel and the sponsors.

Your presentation should comprise all the details where the money is involved and where you require manual labor. Sometimes the sponsors offer you a certain budget, and you will have to mold your idea accordingly; hence, it is significant to keep yourself flexible in this regard.

Ways to Improve Your TV Channel Picture Quality

Are you worried because your TV channels keep blurring out due to the TV antenna not picking up enough signals? Your worries end here because we’ve got you covered! Here are some things you can do enhance your TV antenna’s signal reception and get clearer picture quality on the TV channels that you like!

Ways to Improve Your TV Channel Picture Quality

  1. Play the Field

Multidirectional antennas which get signals from all directions might be better for urban areas, however they won’t pull in more inaccessible stations. One shock was it was discovered that is there is very little relationship amongst cost and execution; frequently the less expensive reception antennas performed just as good, or superior to, the more costly models.

So here’s our recommendation: Try a couple of TV antennas to see which one works best. To do that, you have to purchase from a retailer that has a good exchange policy and sensible guarantee.

  1. Go High

The height of your reception antenna is among the most basic factors in getting better than average reception; that is one reason rooftop mounted antennas ordinarily beat indoor models. (It’s additionally why putting an antenna in your basement isn’t a good idea.

On the off chance that you can, have a go at putting an indoor TV reception apparatus in a storage room or second-story area, ideally by a window. Some of the time objects in the room or roofing materials will meddle with the signals, so it pays to attempt a couple of different areas.

In all actuality, we realize that the vast majority will really put the reception apparatus in an indistinguishable room from the TV. So attempt a couple of higher areas in the room, including the roof—a large portion of the more up to date level reception antennas can be painted, making them look less odd in your room.

  1. Point It

Most reception apparatuses are directional (these are additionally called “unidirectional” radio wires), which implies they should be arranged toward a communicated tower.

To discover where the neighborhood communicates towers are in your general vicinity, visit the FCC’s DTV antenna guide and after that tap on the station’s call letters to see where the signs are originating from. You’ll likewise have the capacity to decide what number of stations you ought to have the capacity to pull in, and their relative flag quality.

When you know where the towers are, you can point the reception antenna towards that direction. In the event that you live in suburbia of a major city, all the real towers may lay a similar way, yet it’s conceivable that you’ll have to re-arrange the reception apparatus for various stations. Companies that are aiming to provide the signals must get the best cell towers. Cell tower lease rates can be a tricky subject to deal with, but there are some awesome companies out there that can help negotiate the best deals and lease out the best cell towers at really good rates. When you’re experimenting with various reception apparatuses, make sure to look over the channels on your TV to see which antenna area pulls in the most stations.

The Best Organic Cooking TV Shows

People regularly complain that there aren’t sufficient organic food lover or vegetarian cooking show on TV, and some have even begun a request of to get one onto the Food Network, however to those individuals we say, “At least do some prior research.” By doing a brisk online hunt, you can discover numerous choices to suit an assortment of personalities. To separate it and enable you to discover the TV show that you would like or that would suit your requirements, we have prepared a list of the best organic food as well as vegan cooking shows.

The Best Organic Cooking TV Shows

The Post Punk Kitchen: Host Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the Duff of vegetarian cooking shows. Both cooks are astute, entertaining, and insubordinate, and not only do they make wonderful desserts, they seem as though they’re having some good times while doing it.

Everyday Dish: The appealing sets and clear directions make this show one of our top choices, much the same as Giada’s.

The Traveling Vegetarian: The host visits eateries the nation over and entices us with veggie lover menu things, talks with the owners, and gives us a journey through every eatery. Kind of the Rachael Ray of the veg food world.

The Eazy Vegan: Jason has the clear instructional recordings and helps us to remember a significantly less irritating variant of Alton Brown.

Absolutely Vegetarian on Delicious TV: This is the show you ought to have your mother or grandma watch in case you’re attempting to persuade her to go vegan. Gourmet specialist Toni is warm, inviting, and simple to take after, much the same as Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa.

Now that we’ve talked about some organic and vegan cooking shows, let’s read about some chefs that cook only with organic ingredients.


At 6’2 and in many faculties – exceptionally ridiculous – the thin Julia Child was an impossible TV star, however the audience loved her for her genuine love of nourishment, sharp senses and eagerness to commit errors – ordinarily on live TV.

DID YOU KNOW: Child just began cooking at 36 years old subsequent to getting to be plainly captivated with French nourishment. She sharpened her abilities at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

In 1995 The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts was made to grant gifts to philanthropic associations that advance the Foundation’s main goal. The late Julia Child is affectionately recognized as one of the pioneers of TV cooking appears, empowering cooking as a charming background for watchers, and making ready for the greater part of the culinary specialists on this rundown.

A lot of people who have watched her have been inspired to incorporate natural organics to their grocery list and buy nothing but pure-grown, organic foods. The best part is that these days, organic food is just a few clicks away and can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes.


English gourmet specialist Jamie Oliver’s spunky and fun way to deal with cooking launched him into the spotlight when in 1997 he was found showing up in a narrative about the eatery where he was a sous culinary expert.

DID YOU KNOW: Known as the Naked Chef, Oliver does not cook while nude, but rather insists on new, fresh ingredients in his cooking.

Television Show: Are You Addicted to Them?

Since the creation of television, it has been the most widely used source of home entertainment.  Countless favorite shows make people stuck to the tv. Television has brought the whole world in front of us. In early times, there used to be only one television with one or two channels which everybody loved to watch. With the advancement, there is now an extensive list of channels providing more entertainment than imagination. Some channels provide an outstanding quality entertainment that does not only excite the family members but also educate them with various informative programs.

Folks nowadays have 2 or 3 sets of TV in their homes because of the different mindsets of members as everyone wishes to watch according to his/her moods. Talking about the question, if we really are into television shows up to our necks. Unfortunately, it is a ‘yes.’

Television Show: Are You Addicted to Them?

Today’s generation gets hit by boredom easily. So, all they have got to kill time is numerous TV shows which if they start watching today even after years, they would still be left with a lot of shows unwatched and countless more to come yet. Lying on sofas with hands-free tucked in and eyes glaring on screen playing TV shows, is what our generation is up to. There is diversity in reasons of everyone clinging to shows and here are some brought to the limelight.

  • A solace in distress:

After a traumatic day at work, one of the excellent ways folks finds is to put one’s feet up and to watch TV. Watching a good movie or TV show seems a perfect way to beat the stress. People find television a relief when they are in distress. That might be a result of psychological belief, or often it really happens. It may be a reason they do not find any other home entertainment, so they are left with the only option ‘television.’ That can be a rationale people are found addicted to television.

  • Connection to the fictional characters:

People who are fond of television shows relate their lives to the story of the series. They find some connection with the fictional characters. In such case, they are so much involved in the story that they are not ready to quit the show or even miss an episode. You might also come across the clans who watch the same shows repeatedly with the same indulgence.

There are some who love to watch these shows on the big screen. For this purpose, they use home theater projectors that allow them to be embroiled deeply in the story. With the help of this invention, you actually make your room a cinema and take joy in the show. You would lay hands on theater projectors of different qualities but must have a look at home theater projector reviews to buy the best one if you are the one who just cannot miss the fun of watching your favorite shows.

  • Some stories get us curious:

Individuals have heard it right that ‘curiosity kills.’ When the show you watch is cloak and dagger, you get snoopy about what is going to happen next. People leave everything aside and get glued to the television when the new episode is on the air. That might be the reason of their addiction.

  • Conclusion:

Research has shown that average rate of people watching television is 6 hours per day. You would also find some who watch television for more than 10 hours a day. Such people have a craze for watching TV and can fall in one of the above categories.

Best Travelling TV Shows

Travelling is one of the most adventurous hobbies adopted by the folks around the World because they love to explore new things. It is not just moving from place to another it’s about exploring new things, nature, new cultures and enjoying the life to its fullest. People have different thoughts regarding that; some take it as a hobby while others as a profession.

Some people travel to explore the nature and get the peace, photography, study different cultures and even the ones that are fond of trying new dishes of the various countries opt this as their profession to travel from country to country. To top it off, what could be more exciting to get new ideas and inspiration from the TV shows. Before going makes sure you are well prepared and your vehicle is up to the mark for traveling. It sometimes occurs that cars entails dirt, residues of food and sometimes insects as well. If you experience any kind of insects like cockroach, you must get rid of cockroach infestation in cars. Obviously, you won’t want any disturbance in your journey of passion. You should at once call pest control and hire their services.

Car Travelling Preparation

Furthermore, if you love watching travel shows or you would like to do research regarding your future trips, here we have some best traveling TV shows you must watch for that reason.

  • Departures:

‘Departures’ is an adventurous and backpacker style travel show. It is about two friends who travel around the world with their backpacks only, along with cameraman who covers their journey. It airs on Nat Geo and also available on Netflix internationally.

In this show one guy is funnier, likes to have drinks and playing games with the locals which make the show more fun to watch. Whereas, the other guy is a bit serious and intellectual and loves to explore the cultures of the areas they visit.

The good thing about this show is that it not only shows the destination or highlights but the detailed process of their journey. The unfavorable circumstances, unforeseen events, and thrilling adventures in their journey develop your interest in the episodes. Those who want to enjoy this rollercoaster of traveling, Departures is one of the best shows for them. Pack your bags and let the fun begins.

  • Long Way Round:

Long way round is the adventure travel show for those who love to ride their bikes. This entire show is based on the journey of two guys in London who decide to visit different countries including Europe, US, Canada, Russia, and Mongolia.

This show is the inspiration for all the bike lovers who would like to travel the world on their motorbikes. Another interesting fact about this show is that as they continue their journey, they hire a crew to follow them. It makes it look like a group ride. The fun part is the crazy adventures and the one where they end being captured by the mafia boss. It was hilarious when he plays the song before showing his AK-47.

  • Parts Unknown:

‘Parts Unknown’ is well researched and beautifully filmed TV show. It is not exactly the travel show but partly a food show, and slightly tours show. It is made by one of the top teams.

Anthony Bourdain focuses on the portraying the different countries and their locals by talking to them over dinners and enjoying their local dishes. The purpose is to present the peaceful side of the countries especially those that are not considered for tourism purpose because people have the misconception that they are not safe places to visit.

Watching this show will develop the more interest in you to travel and enjoy different dishes of the world and be adventurous. Moreover, you will get to know the beauty and peace of the areas like Libya and Congo that are known to be least safe countries.

The most memorable events covered on TV

A variety of G have been broadcasted on TV since the beginning of this popular age. There are too many to mention but a few really had an impact on viewers all over the world.  TV is more than 62 years old and changed the way we view live and learn about events. All those years ago families used to surround the radio to learn about things and then Television came to life.

In 1981 the wedding of Charles and Diana was one of the most watched events on TV. Entire families were glued to their TV sets to watch the royal wedding and enjoy seeing the beautiful dress and union.  Many people are royal enthusiasts and fans and this infamous wedding had a lot to do with that. It was quite a spectacle and will be remembered for years to come. Click here to take a look at pictures of the wedding.

The most memorable events covered on TV

Dallas was one of the most popular shows on television.  We never missed an episode and one of the most shocking episodes thus far was the one were J.R got shot. Viewers couldn’t get over that one episode. It was featured on magazine covers and pretty much all media at that time.

There was also the Checkers speech done by Richard Nixon. Where a president reveals his entire financial situation on national television people watch and get involved. There have been many other political occurrences aired on TV. Something that should be covered by national television is the hawk release that occurred at Green Chimneys. This birds of prey day is quite a celebrated event with a student releasing this beautiful creature. So many people respect this tradition and love seeing the release of such an amazing creature.

The Final Tonight Show by Johnny Carson in 1992. This was before the days of cable. The Tonight Show was always a personal favorite in most households. Johnny Carson was featured on this show for 30 years and it was quite an emotional exit for this favorite host. With a wonderful speech the exit was done and the famous host thanked the audience for the privilege to be in their households. It was a heartfelt moment for the host and his viewers and fans. Click here to take a look at this historical clip in the history of entertainment television.

It is no secret that so many occurrences has held our attention and that we couldn’t easily get away from our TV set. Who can forget the terrorist attack in 2011 on the World Trade Centre? Everyone around the world sat glued and watched in horror as this terrible thing happened. We witnessed as the second plane hit and how people were traumatized by the fear of trying to exit the buildings. Televisions has really played a huge part in our lives and formed a part of our daily lives since way back when. We can only be grateful for this wonderful technology that was discovered.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Stamps and stamping have been used for a very long time. The first form of stamping was called sealing.  A seal was an impression made in wax, clay, paper or more and was used to close down certain documentation or areas so the sender and receiver would know if someone opened the parcels.  Some of the oldest seals ever used dates back to the Bronze Age and seals were commonly used during the 15 hundreds by especially noblemen and women.  Stamps are still used to this very day in the form of postage stamps and ink stamps that are used to quickly signature a document or date a document.  It is surprising that stamp usage survived our technology age and is still in use and we can only wonder how long this ancient practice will continue before stamps usage becomes a permanent chapter in our history books.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Today’s most commonly used stamps

Where stamps used to be used by only royalty or noble women and men, they are now most commonly used by businesses and by the post office.  But you can still own your very own stamp for personal usage.  Plenty of men and women use self inking stamps to create business cards at home, to sign for parcels and documents and to receive packages.  Self-inking stamps are especially popular for small businesses and home businesses that find it too hard, time consuming and expensive to print customized documents every time they process documents. You can get a custom made self inking stamp that contain all the information you want, any logo you want and in any ink color for any form personal or business use even in our modern technology age.

TV shows that actually made their way to stamps

Postage stamps are mostly created with certain historical background.  They mostly contain the images of historical figures, animals, flags, important buildings and more.  But every now and then, postage companies will try to create unique postage stamps in order to boost the sales of these stamps.  Here are a few TV shows that were featured on stamps because someone somewhere thought that these TV shows would boost the sales of these stamps 

The Cosby Show – This hit comedy was sold for 33 pennies 

Lassie – Everyone loved the popular Lassie TV show and it is no surprise that Lassie was a big hit on postage seals. 

Frankenstein – Boris Karloff was one of the best impressions of Frankenstein ever and these stamps were a huge hit during Halloween season. 

Dr Suess “The Cat in the Hat” – One of the most popular children books ever was a favorite pick by kids. 

Popeye – This classic comic definitely deserves a spot in history and was also a big hit on stamps. 

Star Wars – It wasn’t just stamp collectors that collected these stamps, they were also a favorite amongst Star Wars fans. 

Disney shows and moviesMickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid and Alice in wonderland are just a few of the many Disney TV shows and movies that made popular on stamp collections.

The Best Fitness TV Shows Of All Time

Fitness shows have been around for a long time. This is a confirmation of the fact that fitness TV shows are not a fad and are watched and loved by people all over the world. With so much to choose from, it becomes overwhelming when one needs to settle on watching just a few good ones. If you’re contemplating on which fitness TV shows you should watch, here are some top picks!

The Best Fitness TV Shows Of All Time

The Dr. Oz Show

As soon as Dr. Oz made an appearance on the Oprah show, individuals have been a fanatic of both his delivery and expertise. To such an extent that his own particular show has kept on being a high-evaluations most loved for quite a long while now. From medical advice to healthy food recipes to tips on the best way to get a flat tummy and boost your metabolism, you can tune in every day to get a bunch of information that is physically useful to you long after the hour-long program goes off.

Nonetheless, with any show you watch, you need to ensure that you pick out the right products for your fitness eating routine. Proteins are a given, but the problem is that anything high on protein tends to be a little expensive. Luckily, you can use Muscle Food mince meat code to get discounts and get your dose of protein. Make sure you check out other discount vouchers as well to make the best of it!

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser show has most likely been the best unscripted TV fitness show that has seen so much business achievement. Since the show is such a hit, it’s not out of the question to expect that each season that closures meet with watchers’ failure. Be that as it may, one of the cool thing about this program (takes after a group of individuals as they contend to lose the most pounds), is that they have an online club that gives you the chance to make an individual eating routine profile ( Along these lines, you can remain all alone eating routine and exercise regimen when the season is not airing on television.


My Style Network has a related show that takes after a plus sized woman and a cast of people as they investigate all things healthy with from time to time. The program at first kept running on Sunday’s at 7pm CST, yet there are at present no new scenes on the calendar. However, the privilege with the Internet is that you can watch previous ones online on My Style Network’s site.

Add up to Fitness with Gilad

In case you’re a go-getter, the Discovery Fit and Health station has this program pretense for 30 minutes every morning at 6:30 CST. Fitness coach Gilad’s emphasis is generally on quality training and cardio, yet each program walks you through different focus points of the body.

Comcast’s On Demand

A considerable measure of us don’t understand that with regards to our Comcast link membership, we’re paying for the accommodation of On Demand thus we should utilize it. In the event that you go to the Sports and Fitness segment, there is a class called “Wellness Workouts” that includes a wide range of activity choices including move, kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga and even Kids Fun Fitness. You may likewise need to verify whether there is DVD duplication services accessible for any of these projects (in a few cities, the choice is given).

Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Business to TV

You probably cringe the moment you hear about someone telling you to start your own affiliate marketing or MLM Company so you can earn money from anywhere in the world or even from home without actually having to do product manufacturing yourself.  Most people fear these types of businesses because there are so many scammers out there that take advantage of people that are desperate to work from home.  But affiliate marketing and MLM companies can be surprisingly rewarding. There are also surprisingly many of these businesses out there.  In fact, by now you have probably purchased goods through one of these businesses without even realizing it.  This type of business can be a huge success as long as your marketing plan is good.  If you are planning on becoming an affiliate marketer then perhaps it is time to give TV marketing a shot so you can make a much bigger success of your business much earlier on.

Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Business to TV

How TV marketing can help your business

TV marketing is one of the best marketing channels in the world but is greatly avoided by affiliate marketers because they fear that the cost isn’t worth the publicity.  The internet is transforming the way people are using TV.  In fact, these days you can watch TV without any network TV because online channels like Netflix allows you to stream any content you like.  These online TV channels are also making TV marketing much more affordable for businesses when it comes to visual promotional content.  When you market your affiliate companies products on an online channel or even a network TV you get a much wider reach for your online business and people cannot help to consider your service since they watch your video without even thinking.

How to get started in affiliate marketing

Bengu Marketing is a great company that offers the best advice for starting an online business like an MLM company or affiliate marketing business.  The site offers a lot of free advice to help you gets started and you can check out their free online business training and get the best tips to get your website up and running and to get your products promoted as widely as possible.

Watch out for scamming MLM companies

Now you might be a bit worried about being scammed when you are getting started in MLM or affiliate marketing but you need not be.  As said before, the chances are pretty good that you have already purchased goods through an affiliate marketer because they are found on so many popular sites.  Fitness sites are a good example of affiliate marketing because these businesses lure in lots of clients to their website and then sell fitness and health products and get paid commission or load the prices slightly so they can earn a good income from their sales.    To help you steer clear of dodgy MLM companies you can find out exactly what to look for when you are looking to start your own MLM company and to find out how you can avoid scammers at all times on Bengu.