Using GPS When Mountain Biking

Imagine going mountain biking through a series of trails for a couple of hours, only to realize that you can’t remember your way back to your starting point. That could turn out into the most horrific day of your life. That is why we are going to find out why a smartphone is a better device to use than a GPS device.

How is a Smartphone Better than a Handheld GPS?

A smartphone is more user friendly that an GPS device. The fact that they are come with touch screens, have the pinch, zoom and slide feature in their maps, making it easier to slide the maps around, makes them the better option. Mapping ‘apps’ are simple as compared to the complicated looking menu systems that don GPS devices. With a smartphone, you can download the apps directly from the app stores without accessing a computer.

Most of the decent mapping apps make sure that they are updated frequently, meaning that the maps are current. Smartphones are quicker and more accurate than GPS devices, the smartphone speeds aided by the mobile telephone infrastructure around the globe. Smartphones also come with larger screens, making it easier to read even when the device is an arms-length away. Smartphones also have the advantage of being multi-purpose as they can be used as phones, for emails, to take photos and many more things. Smartphones charge faster as compared to GPS devices.

Using GPS When Mountain Biking

Camelbak Hydration Packs

Now that we are talking about mountain biking, there is also something very important to keep in mind when mountain biking, water. With time, you are bound to become dehydrated, and that will bring us to our next topic, hydration packs.

Camelbak is an outdoor equipment company based in California, USA. The founder of Camelbak, Michael Eidson, came up with the idea for the Camelbak hydration pack while competing in an endurance bike race in Texas, in 1988.

Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack

When all you want is water, this most minimalist bike pack holds a 1.5L Antidote reservoir in a narrow profile that maximizes your range of motion. Super lightweight with one small front pocket and reflective strip for early morning and evening safety.


  • Super lightweight and perfect for shorter rides
  • Incredible build quality with weather resistant materials


  • You may require more storage and water for longer rides.

Camelbak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

The original narrow-gauge mountain biking pack.


XV Back Panels

Lightweight back panels keep air moving over your back, even when the pack is fully loaded.

External Helmet Hooks

Helmet hooks make it easy to carry protection when you’re not on your bike.

Tool and Gear Compartments

Pockets for keeping tools and electronics handy, plus a clip for your keys.

Easy-Open 1/4 Turn Valve

The air-light fill port has the largest opening on the market – making it quick and easy to fill and clean the reservoir. Opening and closing the cap is now more simple and secure than ever, with our intuitive 1/4 turn cap.


  • A very large pack designed for long rides
  • Huge bladder which comes in handy if you decide to lengthen your ride
  • Enough room for a change of clothes or an SLR camera


  • None! This is a great backpack.

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

The convenience of external fill in a sleek bike pack. The 2L Antidote reservoir can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. Two external pockets for small items like keys, wallet, phone or storage for a shed layer. Stretch elastic side panels provide for expansion; twin compression straps shrink pack down when empty. Reflective back strip with tab to click on a blinker for early morning and evening safety.


  • A super-lightweight design for fast or competitive riding
  • Enough room to carry the essentials


  • You may require some additional storage for longer rides where you want to take lunch and a change of clothes

Camelbak Thermobak 3.0 Liter Hydration System

The original Camelbak product, continuously improved and upgraded, then battle-tested by hundreds of thousands of troops worldwide. Includes 100 oz (3 L) MIL spec antidote reservoir long with quick link. More than just a reservoir, the MIL spec antidote reservoir redefines the ultimate delivery system for an Operator’s water supply and provides maximum adaptability for changing missions or combat environments.

Includes the quick link exit Port and ql hydrolock Bite valve adapter: tube clicks off for faster refilling with auto shut-off; new fill Port: industry’s largest opening with air-light 1/4 turn open/close for quick, secure seal that can’t be over-tightened; lighter-weight, lower-profile design. Quick-release shoulder straps unclip for easy removal and storage inside back panel stash pocket, use D-ring attachment points to add to any Armor vest or pack with MOLLE, fully-insulated reservoir compartment using 7 mm closed cell foam, add or remove name Tags and unit badges quickly with integrated hook-and-loop, external fill for rapid Refill without having to remove reservoir from pack, 500D corduroy fabric.


  • A super-lightweight design with a huge 3-liter bladder
  • Really well insulated!
  • Some attachments for your helmet and other essentials


  • Does not contain much compartment space

Camelbak products women’s L.U.X.E. Hydration Backpack

This pack is an all-terrain hero. The L.U.X.E. carries enough gear for a full day of mountain biking, with a narrow-gauge design that lets your focus on the ride, not your pack. The 3-liter reservoir holds enough water for rides of 3+ hours, and the pack offers extra storage for anything the trail might throw at you (or your bike): keys, helmet, a layer, lunch and bike tools. The XV back panels keep air moving over your back, and the removable waist belt keeps everything in place during bumpy rides. Thanks to the women’s-specific design, the velvetex-lined shoulder and chest straps will fit comfortably on your chest without chafing, and the shorter pack length offers a better ergonomic fit.


  • A smart design which is ideal or women.
  • A huge 3-liter bladder!
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • None, this is an outstanding product.


When going mountain climbing in a place that you’re not familiar with, it is important to carry along your smartphone so that you can use it as a GPS. In the event that it starts raining, you can store it away in your Camelback for mountain biking backpack along with other things.