Ideas and Tips for a Biking TV Show

Most companies thank that their only option for promoting products or services on TV is through adverts.  Well, you have another much more appealing option and that is by creating a short instructional TV show.  Most people absolutely hate advertisements.  These adverts are annoying, often dull and interrupt them when they are enjoying a specific program.  This negative feeling regarding advertisements reflects on your business when it is your advertisement that is cutting in on some of the viewer’s fun.  Instead of bombarding viewers with annoying adverts an instructional and informative TV show is a much better alternative.  People do and will always prefer instruction, tips and ideas above annoying advertisements and that is exactly why a short TV show is a much better alternative.

Ideas and Tips for a Biking TV Show

Tips mini bike TV show

Not sure of where to start for a mini TV bike show?  Well, perhaps these tips will help you decide on the kind of show you should create;

Remember the main purpose – The main purpose of your biking show is to promote a certain brand or product.  It is important to stock up on only branded items for your show and to incorporate your brand as frequently as you can.

Show people what they like to see – People like to benefit from what they view.  You can incorporate benefits by giving them health advice, biking advice or tournament advice.

Draft before you start – Before you start out on your individual programs it might be a good idea to draft out your entire series.  Let’s say you want to create 10 episodes and want each episode to focus around a specific topic… well, this is a lot easier when you have the right layout.

Go with numbers – People seem to love numbers.  Try to use numbers in your episode topics.  For example; the top 10 biking athletes that ever lived, 5 essentials every biker needs… you get the picture.

Ideas for your mini bike TV show

Biking may seem simple but there are actually a very vast range of topics to cover.  The following topics can be a great source of ideas for your TV show;

Bike maintenance – Give the best tips on bike maintenance so new bikers can learn to do minor repairs and maintenance themselves.

Biking gear – The right biking gear makes cycling much more fun and displaying top biking gear is a great way to promote your products.

Biking attire – You can create a show that focuses specifically on biking attire and promote biking gear from top suppliers.

Fitness tips – Help bikers get fit a lot quicker with quick beginners to intermediate workout program.

Dieting tips – Quite a few shows in your series can focus on healthy eating and healthy recipes.

Biking trials – Of course all bikers would love to hear about and see glimpses of all the top biking trials in the world.

Championship prepping – Give advice on prepping for a major championship or competition.

Biking champions – Featuring interviews with biking champions is a terrific way to make your shows interesting and to promote certain products.