The Best Psychic Television Shows

Are you someone who loves anything and everything related to psychics? If so, then you must check out some of these awesome psychic TV shows that have people addicted! By the way, if you’re into the real thing, check out psychic source reviews. Not only are they hundred percent legit, their readings are spot-on and their prices are the best ones you can find.

The Best Psychic Television Shows

Psychic Detectives

When investigators have depleted each lead and turned over each stone. At the point when investigators are out of time and in a tight spot. Where do they turn? Law implementation has built up an armory of devices to help slowed down examinations. In any case, how frequently do they really enroll the assistance of a psychic? Psychic Detectives recounts the genuine stories of genuine situations where psychics help criminologists illuminate some of law authorization’s most bewildering cases. The show is transforming skeptics into believers.

Psychic Witness

They are the mystery weapon in the investigative arms stockpile. The final resort for urgent families. The destruction of the absolute most deplorable culprits. They are measurable psychics, and their developing part in wrongdoing battling is genuine. Take after along as criminologists the nation over swing to the uncanny capacities of psychics and comprehend the most confounding wrongdoings with their offer assistance. Through sensational re-establishments, shocking visual impacts and meetings with real members, every scene of Psychic Witness recounts two enamoring stories straight from the case documents of genuine cops — and genuine psychics.

Psychic Investigators

Real-life criminologist thrillers go up against an otherworldly hand over this narrative arrangement about real sensational violations that are unraveled through the far-fetched mix of tech analyst work and the paranormal forces of a psychic. In every scene, one stunning story is told from two altogether different perspectives – the criminologist and the psychic. This arrangement compares the psychic’s story – shaded with feeling, sympathy and riddle, with the cop’s story – overwhelmed by rationale, confirmation and reason.


Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney’s office. She utilizes her psychic capacities to help break criminal cases. Her fantasies frequently give her pieces of information to the whereabouts of missing individuals, and by touching somebody she regularly gets the opportunity to see underneath the veneer into the individual’s spirit. Allison juggles this upsetting occupation with her part as spouse and mother of three youngsters, including a little girl who is by all accounts creating comparative forces.

Ghost Whisperer

Melinda Gordon acquired her “blessing” – the capacity to see and converse with the spirits of dead individuals – from, and was taught about its utilization by her grandma. Running an antique store in a residential community, recently wedded to a paramedic, Melinda helps the phantoms meandering around who are caught between universes by helping them to determine unfulfilled parts of their previous life.

Haunting Evidence

This show takes the paranormal/crime comprehending marvel above and beyond by taking after psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver, and paranormal specialist Patrick Burns as they visit “haunted” crime scenes. Cooperating, can this unpredictable group of specialists discover pieces of information that will give new bits of knowledge into genuine cases that have gone cold?

The 4400

These are the stories of 4400 abductees after they are come back to Earth. Individuals managing traumatic changes, driven by the secret of what happened and why. Some of them have been influenced in puzzling ways, and some will have certain psychic capacities, both good and bad.