How Quilting Can Cure Your TV Addiction

Being addicted to TV can be a serious issue especially since you probably don’t even know that you are addicted to watching TV.  Most people think that they are only watching TV to get the time by or because they want to. TV shows can easily start to consume your entire life because the shows are so engaging and fun; you hardly notice all the wonderful adventures that you are missing out on.  Just take for example how much attention you are really giving your child when your favorite show is on.  You will feed them anything, give them anything and keep them busy in just about any way just to satisfy your curiosity about the show.  Before you know it, this is exactly how you spend ever off moment of your life.  It is time to break your TV addictiveness by investing in a new hobby.

How Quilting Can Cure Your TV Addiction

Consider quilting

Quilting is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic hobbies there are.  Quilting is rewarding because you can make your very own 100% unique quilts for a warmer and more customized home and it is therapeutic because quilting helps to fight depression and anxiety.  It is also the perfect hobby to cure your TV addiction because you can’t possibly quilt and watch TV at the same time.

Get a quilting kit

Quilting doesn’t require that much gear and making quilts requires only a little bit of skill and a whole lot of patience.  Your quilting kit should include at least the following items;

Sewing machine – The sewing machine is the most important and expensive part of the kit which is why it is so important to invest in a top rated sewing machine for quilting so you won’t have to replace it again in the future.  With a sewing machine you can do much more than just quilting.  If you get enough experience you could even start making your own clothes and handbags or perhaps even start a home business.

Measuring tape – A tape is a must to ensure your quilt comes out the right size.

Seam ripper – Correct all your mistakes with a seam ripper.

Bobbins – If you are working with a lot of different colored fabrics then some extra bobbins can make the sewing process a lot faster.

Pins – You have to pin the quilt pieces together before you stitch them so you will go straight.

Needles – Get some extra needles for your machine and you should also invest in some hand needles for those last touches.

Scissors – A small and large scissor is a must for your cutting needs.

Thread and fabric – The thread and fabric should be good for quilting and should match.

Quilting is exactly what you need to get over your TV obsessions so you can get the creative juices flowing and so you can once again spend time with friends and family instead of wasting all your talents in front of the TV.  This is a fantastic hobby that you can easily turn into a home business if your heart is into it.