The Rise of Video: Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video

Could it be that the one simple thing that you’re missing in your SEO campaigns is a video ad to take your website to the next level? Videos have always been an effective way of advertising, and even sites like YouTube are making a killing from them. Videos are a better way to understand what goods or services that you’re offering to the people. That is one of the reasons that you should include them in your SEO. In this article, we are going to discuss tips to boost your site’s SEO with video. It might sound overly complicated when you’re first setting out, but the moment that you get the hang of things, you’ll realize that it is the easiest thing in the world and not just for the geeks. Believe it or not, 64% of the traffic on the internet is made up of videos, and people are spending billions of dollars yearly on video marketing. Why would you want to be left behind? Below are some of the tips that you can use to boost your SEO using videos.

The Rise of Video: Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video

Video integration

Content is the most important thing when it comes to SEO, and that is what video affects in this instance, since it is the evidence of quality content. Having it in your SEO informs search engines that you have rich media relevant to search requests. This in turn makes them boost your ranking when it comes to searches.

Keyword labels

When providing information to search engines, make sure that the keywords are relevant to your videos. Put keywords that would describe the pictures and graphics when it comes to titles, file names, descriptions and tags. This will make it easier for people to find your video in their searches. Put yourself in the shoes of the people searching, and use the keywords that they would use if they were searching for your video.

Video transcript

Adding a video transcript of the audio part of the video makes it even easier to find as well as supporting further the fact that it is relevant to search requests.

Video sitemap

The sitemap can copy some of the keywords that are used to identify the video, but it is a different process since the metadata can be further customized to have things like the duration, rating, view count, age appropriateness, whether the video may be embedded and other useful information.

Host your video on YouTube

We mentioned YouTube at the beginning of this article, and you should also know that it is the second largest search engine in the world and also owned by Google. That simply means that it is a huge affair when it comes to SEO. Hosting your videos on YouTube triggers secondary actions, and this could be good for your site. This also reduces the risk of bogging down your website with slow speeds while loading.

Optimize videos for load time

Page load time is something that Google considers when ranking SEO since it affects the overall user experience. This is because slow sites tend to scare away users. Take mobile users, for example, 57% of them move on after three seconds of waiting for a video to load, according to Radware.

Backlink from your YouTube video

You need to have traffic coming back to your site and since the videos won’t link back to your site, you have to provide backlinks in the channel profile and in the video description.

Social signals

The more likes that your video gets, the more that search engines value your content, and the higher the chances of your video being found. Try to get as many likes as possible.


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Videos are a great way to drive traffic through SEO if done right. Remember to keep them simple and short because they are not movies.