To Shave It All or Not To Shave It All

Losing your hair is a traumatic experience in both men and especially women because it affects your confidentiality when you look in the mirror and no longer see what you want to see.  Hair loss that is caused by malnutrition, bad habits or illnesses are often reversible but when it comes to male and female pattern baldness, the effects are just about impossible to reverse.  There comes a time in each and every man’s life when he is faced with the great decision… Should I shave my head?

To Shave It All or Not To Shave It All

So should balding men shave their heads and get it over with?

There are quite a few factors that you should consider before taking drastic measures.  The first question should be, is it really that bad?  If there is still quite a lot of hair left then you might still be able to turn the clock back or at least slow down the loss with some great hair regrowth products.  A lot of men still look absolutely fantastic despite a bit of thinning hair and want to maintain the look as long as possible.  If you are terribly bald then it might be time to go and seek out that razor and get it done with because complete hair loss is much harder to restore than thinning hair. You can have a look at the Hold the Hairline homepage to get started on the best advice on whether or not to shave and what treatments stands out above the rest for the best and quickest results. The page offers great product reviews that will help you choose the products that are most likely to help you out.

Get a laser comb to restore lost hair

Damaged hair follicles are incredibly difficult to repair, which is why so many men would rather shave their heads than struggle through one costly treatment after another.  The most commonly used hair loss products are supplements, DHT-blockers and hair loss shampoos but the one treatment that many people overlook is laser combs.  These combs use triple-threat technology to re-stimulate new hair growth in areas that have been bold for years.  The laser combs are fully transportable which is convenient for use at any location. Laser combs are specifically for genetic hair loss and have been known to have fantastic results in a lot of people.  To read more about these fantastic laser combs you can take a look at the hairmax lasercomb review for a better idea of what other hair loss products costs compared to the laser comb and the affectivity of the products.

It is a lot easier to simply take a razor and shave your head but not everyone looks good with their newly found bald heads.  For those who feel absolutely terrible about going bald, it is definitely worth the try to see if they can reverse the damage and fight genetics.  A good hair loss shampoo and multivitamin is a great place to start for men who are just beginning to show signs of baldness so they can enjoy their hair for as long as possible before nature takes its course.

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