Are water flossers as good as original floss?

We all understand this fact that for healthy living and oral hygiene a complete set of activity is required. It includes brushing, floss and water flossing habit. Most of the time, people remain oblivious of the fact that water floss is not as important as original floss and one major question they usually ask their dental professionals is “Are water flossers as good as original floss?”. Answer is yes, they are really good and effective if used in an apt manner on daily basis. They only need good knowledge, habit and urge to use this process to procure complete mouth cleaning experience.

Most of the dental associations including The American Dental Association highly recommend brushing twice a day for complete two minutes. Water flossing and original floss can fortify the process and give strong support to clean the most unreachable corners of mouth.

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How waterfloss and original floss works?

Original floss is actually a flexible strand made up of nylon or plastic. Technically, user need to pull in and pull out these strands in between the teeth gaps so that it can remove all the food particles from the toughest of the gap and protect the teeth from the most perilous oral problems like tooth decay, plaque, cavity, etc.

On the other hand, water floss is a gadget which has angled nozzle to aim the water stream on various corners of mouth so that the water pressure can remove the tiniest of the food particle and make the mouth 100% clean. Both water floss and original floss have their own attributes and they are easily available in various brands and budget range. What enhances the effect is your regularity and trust on these processes.

What makes water flossers as good as Original Floss?

The answer to this question is a question itself i.e. what is the main aim of original floss? Basically, their avowed intend is to clean the utmost corner of mouth, remove plaque and to prevent teeth from various other oral problems. Even, water floss works with the same goal and they are equally effective. Only thing to notice is that original floss may cost you around 3 USD while Water floss will cost you around 50 USD minimum. Water flossers are in all the cases as good as original floss.

Attributes of Waterfloss and Original Floss

Below mentioned are some of the basic differences between both the floss types:

  • Gadgets: Original Floss is a strand available in various materials like nylon and plastic while water flossers look more like electric toothbrushes having water collector in the lower part and an angled nozzle at upper part which helps to aim the targeted corner.
  • Cost: Original Floss is cheaper than Water Flossers.
  • Usage: Both are easy to use and not very complicated. Same as original floss, you need to get proper guidelines for using water floss. Also, dentists recommend not using original floss for more than one time a day while for water floss; you can go max up to twice a day approach.
  • Avoid: If you have excessive gum problems then you should avoid Original Floss but in that case, water flossers are recommended to the patients.
  • Procedure: It has been experienced that water flossers mainly rinse the plaque and other affected areas while original floss scrapes them.


Water flossers are available in many varieties, same as original floss but it is not necessary to buy gadgets having all the credentials with bells and whistles. You can also prefer normal basic models of water flossers and they will give you equally effective results. Overall, studies proves that whether it is water flosser or original floss, both of them are good and key procedures to attain the most healthy mouth.

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