Canadian Clothing Companies

3 Canadian Clothing Companies Going From Boutique to Mainstream

Here are three very different clothing companies that all have one thing in common. These companies are expanding – they aren’t little boutiques any longer, but full-fledged brands with a wide reach and a growing reputation. They are known far beyond where they first started out.

All of these companies provide quality clothing. And they all are successful as well. But what makes them different? Each one offers a different type of products. You’ll find everything from active clothing to winter coats to elegant dresses in these three stores.

They all have their own niche, and provide great products that customers want. So read on to find out about each of these unique Canadian clothing companies, and just what makes them work so well. Because all of these companies have truly accomplished something amazing.


The first Canadian clothing company is Lululemon – this company is a perfect example of one that is going mainstream. Lululemon offers a selection of athletic clothes for both men and women. They specialize in apparel that will help you stay active: whether that is by yoga or running.visit their website for more details.

The company has been around since 1998, but has experienced enormous growth since then. There are stores in the United States and Canada, and you can also shop online. The company’s goal is to promote health by providing a wide variety of apparel that is perfect for athletic activities.

Here are only some examples of what you will find as you browse through their selection:

• Yoga tops and bottoms
• Running clothing
• Clothing featuring a special technology that stops bad smells
• A variety of accessories for your workout

Canada Goose

Canada Goose offers coats specifically designed to keep you warm no matter what the weather is. You will find coats for men, women and children in all different colors. These coats are both trendy and super warm at the same time.

And, as if that isn’t already enough, there’s even more to love:

• You can chose your fit – there is something for everyone.
• These are high quality winter coats.
• It’s easy to move in them.
• There are different coats for different temperatures to choose from.

Canada Goose has been around for more than five decades – so you have good reason to believe that they are experts in their field of work. Who wouldn’t be after all that time perfecting the perfect jacket – or, in this case, jackets? In the end, this is one Canadian company that is certainly going mainstream.

Canadian Clothing Companies


At Obakki you will find clothing that is both classic and modern. The company started eight years ago. Today you can shop a collection of all different types of clothing, from shirts to skirts to scarves. The beautiful neutrals and elegant feel of the apparel is the first thing one notices when scrolling through the pages of the website. The website itself has a clean, simple and modern feel. There are certainly some amazing creations here – it is definitely worth a look or two.