Renewable Energy TV Shows

5 Best Renewable Energy TV Shows

Learning about renewable energy is essential to making the jump to actually using it. And, the good news is that there are shows about this topic that are both enjoyable and educational. So, you can watch TV while doing something to help the planet!for more information visit my latest blog post at this link.

Show #1: Saved By the Sun

Let’s start by talking about the first TV show.

• This TV show is from Nova on PBS.

• It explores the use of solar energy – in a way that will be sure to captivate viewers of all ages.

Show #2: e2

• This unique and intriguing television series ran for five seasons.

• The fourth season delves into renewable energy, starting with wind power.

• This show, like the previous one mentioned, is also from PBS.

Show #3: Turbine Cowboys

• The Weather Channel brings you this unique show: a look into the lives of the people who work hard to make one renewable energy source possible.

• These workers have an interesting job: they work with wind turbines.

• You can watch them and get a better idea of what wind power is really all about.

Show #4: This New House

• Here is a show from DIY network that shows you solar energy in use in one episode.

• There is a great episode about a house that is extremely unique – you’ll have to watch to find out why! There probably aren’t many houses like this one, but if there were, well, there is no doubt that the environment would be much better off because of it.

Show #5: House Hunters

• The last TV show offers another interesting look into renewable energy.

• Many people love HGTV’s House Hunters, and certain episodes deal with homes that use sources of energy that are different from the usual. Here we will talk about one great episode to watch that is very educational when it comes to renewable energy.

• In this episode, the people looking for a house are specifically in the market for something that uses renewable energy. So, you can come along on their hunt and see what they find.

• One feature that is very important to them in their new home is solar energy. They want to find a home that has solar panels already installed.view more energy report at

As it turns out, this is a great transition into the last part of this article: and no, we aren’t going to be listing another TV show. Now it is time to put what you have learned from these wonderful, fun, and educational TV shows to use in your real life. So, let’s bring renewable energy off the screen and into reality.

Renewable Energy TV Shows

Now it’s Time to Use Renewable Energy in Your Own Home

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