Use Your TV Set as a Fitness Instructor and Get Fit At Home

Your home TV set does not always have to be the demon that corrupts your mind and thoughts, steals your time and costs you a fortune.  Your TV set can actually be your friend and can actually help you live a better and healthier life.  You can use your TV set as a fitness instructor to help you lose those pounds that you have always dreamt of losing and build rock hard abs so you can look amazing in any outfit by simply switching from movies and TV shows to engaging workout DVD’s.  It is time to start enjoying some active time in your living room so your TV will be a positive investment and not just a source of entertainment.

Use Your TV Set as a Fitness Instructor and Get Fit At Home

Get the best training DVD’s

There are tons of fitness instructors out there who are helping people all over the world by supplying them with great instructional training DVD’s that they can use as guidance from the comfort of their homes.  The best training DVD’s that you can get to transform your TV functionality right now are;

Tae Bo – Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD’s are super informative and super fun.  You will learn to defend yourself a bit, lose weight and build great muscles when you enjoy these kickboxing workout routines.

Zumba – Women all over the world are going Zumba crazy because they are learning to dance and losing weight at the same time.  This fun DVD set is a must for any guy and girl who like to rock it out in front of the TV.

Jillian Michaels DVD’sJillian Michaels is world famous for the way she transformed bodies on The Biggest Loser and now has a series of fantastic workout DVD’s that you can get to transform your body in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Get the best gear

When you are training from DVD’s you will soon find that combining a few workout equipment with the programs makes the workouts a lot more effective.  The best workout equipment that you can use along with workout DVD’s are;

Adjustable Dumbbell sets – These are the best dumbbell sets that you can invest in because they take up little room, they can be adjusted to suit different workouts and to target different parts of your body and they are affordable and easy to use.  With these dumbbell sets you can upsize all of your DVD workouts and build even better muscles faster.

Resistance bands – Resistance bands will help you create stronger muscles when you are punching it out in Tae Bo or dancing yourself thin in Zumba.  The resistance bands are great for improving muscle build and can be used in therapy sessions to get you to recover faster from injuries.

Sand weights – Clipping on some sand weights when you are dancing or doing some jabs are great for building strong arm and leg muscles and is great for toning some flab in these areas.

Yoga mat – If you don’t have a carpet then a yoga mat is great for softening up the tiles in your living room because you can simply roll it up and store it away when you are done with workouts.