Green Coffee Extract – How safe and effective is it?

With all the buzz around that you can hear about green coffee extract, it is certain that you are also thinking of trying it out yourself. Who wouldn’t be intrigued when everyone else talks about how great and effective it is. The truth is, it can be regarded as among the hottest weight loss sensation nowadays. This supplement when taken can give you the energy that you need and furthermore can greatly help in losing weight. There are even other manufacturers that launched their own drink with the extract as main ingredient. Knowing that it may be very beneficial to lose weight, the real question still is, is it safe for use?

There has been quite a few studies made and revealed that the green coffee extract does not help in losing weight of around 17 pounds in the span of 6 weeks yet there is no known or recognized adverse reaction seen after taking the specified dosage. Normally, the average dose ranges from 700 mg up to 1050 mg. Read more at

green coffee extract

Applied Food Services made a 22 week study about the supplement. The subject is the average loss of 22 pounds and there are no any side effects noted. It is indeed right that green coffee extract is just like any other weight loss products in the market. With all of those available for everyone, being cautious with what you plan to take is still a must. Take into account that this is still a form of coffee, hence, it has caffeine. Its caffeine content may still cause health problems for a few people. By weight, green coffee extract contains only 10% of caffeine. It will not be considered a high dose if the caffeine content is not more than 20%.

Based on animal studies that consumed chlorogenic acids coming from the extract of green coffee, a significant reduction on the blood pressure is seen. After such results were found, researchers then performed human testing.

In a controlled study, the chlorogenic acids found in green coffee bean extract lowered the blood pressure of over stimulated humans and rats. The results also showed no side effects found.

The usual coffee that we can purchase in the market is the roasted or ground coffee. Such kinds have the cafestol and kahweol substances. These ingredients are known to increase the LDL or bad cholesterol level in the body. Knowing that green coffee extract does not have such substances made it a better choice of coffee.

Because of the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee extract, it can help in achieving the desired weight of a person. It simply proves that the caffeine content of green coffee is beneficial in losing weight.

Even though the caffeine content of green coffee is minimal and can help to shed pounds, it can still possibly cause health problems to some people. These people are those who are pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, hypertensive, those with anxiety disorders, liver disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and bleeding problems. When you are one of those, it is not recommended to try this weight loss product.