TV Shows that Can Improve Your Health

That might sound like an oxymoron, after all, watching TV consists of sitting on the couch or in your recliner. Very few people make TV viewing an active form of entertainment. So, how can TV shows that can improve your health exist? Well, it mostly has to do with the topics they discuss and the manner in which they suggest these issues be dealt with.

If you are looking for real healthcare, you might want to find out if your doctor utilizes True Health Diagnostics. They diagnose, manage, and prevent some pretty horrible health maladies, like cancer and diabetes via their laboratories. They even offer personalized nutrition plans, webinars, and consultations. So, if you are looking to remain healthy, they are probably a good asset. But if you are more interested in being entertained while learning a thing or two about health matters, then the TV shows on our list is your best option.

TV Shows that Can Improve Your Health

Watch These Shows for Their Health Benefits

Yes, we are aware of how misleading it is to suggest that these shows will provide you with health benefits. However, we also know that knowledge is power. So, if you can sift through the theatrical nonsense to find the nuggets of health gold, then these are the shows that should top your programming lists. Watch these shows:

  1. Hot in Cleveland– You can’t go wrong when you add Betty White to the mix. But, the characters in this show are trying to prove that being healthy, is hot. Read this.
  2. Grey’s Anatomy– Yes, it’s very much a modern-day soap opera. However, they do a tremendous job incorporating real medical news into their plots and scripts. So, pay attention, you just might learn something.
  3. Parenthood- If you or someone you love needs access to a sensitive portrayal of all that encompasses autism, this show does a great job.
  4. The Biggest Loser– Surely you knew we were going to include some sort of weight loss based show. We all need a little encouragement to get more fit and put aside the Cheetos while we watch other people’s “no pain, no gain” experiences.
  5. Rizzoli & Isles- This might be a rather odd one to appear on this list. However, Rizzoli is frequently slipping healthy advice into her lines, like drinking decaf, or facing obesity. Learn more.
  6. Glee– Another oddity we’re sure, but if you are a fan you will recall the episode in which Artie gets fitted with a robotic exoskeleton so he can walk. Yep, they integrated amazing new medical breakthroughs into their storyline.
  7. Modern Family– This show is including the import of green living. Reusable shopping baskets and local produce took this show to another level.
  8. Parks and Recreation– Sometimes health issues revolve around the importance of prevention. Amy Poehler may be cracking you up, but she’s insisting that you eat salad too. Watch here.
  9. The Big C- This is a daring portrayal of the travesty that is cancer. Skin cancer is the main focus on this show, but it offers encouragement too.

No doubt there are more obvious inclusions to a list devoted to TV shows that offer health benefits. But, we wanted you to actually enjoy the education at the same time. And, we are pretty certain that you will.