The best Feel Good TV shows

No one can disagree that TV is fun and provides us with the entertainment and downtime that we need after a long and hard day at work. That is why it is sometimes suggested to watch shows that are good for the soul instead of a violent and stressful action series. I tend to binge on TV series if I am at my wits end or just in need of relaxation. There is so much sadness, tragedy and terror on TV nowadays that it is great to just settle down with a good TV series that leaves you with a positive feeling and takes you on a journey with your favorite characters. I remember as a child I never missed an episode of Full House and always loved the Tanner family for their quirky and unconventional household. There are a few TV shows that represent happiness and fun. Here is a compiled list of some of the most motivational TV shows.

The best Feel Good TV shows

Fuller House

This is the follow up of the Tanner family and plays out 29 years after the previous series. We are once again able to enjoy the giggles and lessons that this family gave us all those years ago. With DJ Tanner running the household we get all the entertainment we would need. John Stamos also makes an appearance now and then. Click here for more info.

Gilmore Girls

This is a great show for girls all over the world and one to add to your happy watch list. The Gilmore girls represent a single mother and her teenage daughter. With great attitude and comedy we see how they deal with daily struggles and come out stronger every time. This one always leaves me with a smile.

The Simpsons

Who can say that they haven’t been cheered up by this funny little family cartoon? I used to love watching the Simpsons simply because of the humor and the crazy characters depicted in the story. I didn’t miss an episode.


The 6 friends that entertained us for hours with their wonderful lives and the way they supported each other during any dark situation. The romance, the break ups, everything was just great fun to watch. When this series came out as a collectible, I bought it and binged on it for quite some time. Click here to see where they are now.

Grey’s anatomy

The doctors of Seattle Grace almost had me enroll for medical studies at the age of 34. I so loved the drama and the lessons that I gained from this show. I have to admit I cried many tears with Meredith and the rest of the cast but I still don’t miss one episode.

Big ideas for a small planet

Featuring Robert Redford this environmentally focused show reveals various easy methods to do our part for the environment. These include recycling and composting. I purchased the compost tumbler by Tumbleweed online and never looked back. Composting is easy and very convenient plus I do my part for the environment.

6 Productive Alternates to Watching TV

We as a whole know TV is useful to us from multiple points of view. In any case, with more rivalry among channels and media, it has transformed into a device for an exercise in futility. Be that as it may, not very many individuals stare at the TV for any valuable reason. A large portion of the general population out there simply stares at the TV to soothe their anxiety, for propensity or for stimulation. While there is nothing wrong with these things, when you get to be dependent on TV you squander your most critical time on reality shows and hogwash news instead of on gainful things. Here are 6 productive things you can do instead of watching television.

6 Productive Alternates to Watching TV

  1. Read a book/daily paper.

Read an intriguing book on your point of interest. Not only will your knowledge expand, but you might even get some cool ideas about starting a business or something. We recommend you give a read to ‘Whip You Career into Submission’ by Karen Salmansohn. Read a daily paper with the goal that you can discover new things happening in your city or any occasion going to occur. Along these lines, you’ll take in more about this present reality encompassing you instead of simply virtual world.

  1. Call a friend.

Making new friends is simple yet what makes a difference is keeping up that fellowship. Call a friend whom you haven’t talked for quite a while or follow up with somebody who you met a week ago/a month ago. Advising them that you care won’t just convey a grin to their face yet reinforce your relationship.

  1. De-clutter/compose/clean your home.

Your house is your paradise. There is no spot on Earth in the same class as your own particular home. We feel the most secure on the planet at this spot. So next time as opposed to sitting in your sofa, clean your home. In the event that it’s as of now spotless, then compose it. In the event that that is additionally done, then de-disorder and expel things you don’t need. You’ll be more eased when you possess fewer things. Perfect, sorted out and couple of things will help you concentrate on other vital things throughout your life.

  1. Join a class.

Join a pastime or movement class like music, move, yoga, swimming, and so on. There are various exercises going ahead in your environment. Venture out and gain some new useful knowledge. Your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Show somebody what you know.

Regardless of how idiotic you think you will be, you can simply show somebody something that you know, whether it be cooking or instructing on a specific school subject. In the event that you think you are not sufficiently brilliant to instruct, reconsider. You can simply show individuals more youthful than you about what you’ve realized till now. Try not to keep yourself down. Go out there and have any kind of effect. Your certainty will soar once you do this and it’s simple.

  1. Visit somebody.

Visit a relative or a friend of yours. Approaching the telephone and going to somebody really is a great deal diverse. Thusly of drawing closer individuals, just to think about their lives or to think about their wellbeing matters a considerable measure to them. Try not to dawdle. It’ll repay 10 times more than your missed TV show.