Hunt Ghosts like a TV Star

Paranormal investigation shows have become a staple on cable television.  Whether they are checking out historically haunted locations or coming to the rescue of a person experiencing trouble in their own home, ghost hunters must have various tools of the trade in order to complete their work.

If you are interested in ghost hunting like the pros, here are some key tools that will help you out during your searches.

Hunt Ghosts like a TV Star

Audio Recorder

A favorite amongst the ghost hunting television elite, a quality audio recorder gives you the opportunity to receive responses from the spirits that you may not be able to hear otherwise.  These electronic voice phenomena, often referred to as EVPs, are sounds that resemble human voices, but have no identifiable physical source.

Many believe that EVPs are the voices of those who may have passed and remain connected to the particular place or person being investigated.  As seen in many of the paranormal investigatory shows, some EVPs captured are clearer than others, and, the higher quality the recorder is that is being used, the easier it is to use various post-production techniques to separate the EVP from other surrounding sounds.

Infrared Thermometer

Another sign of paranormal activity that is best recorded with certain investigatory equipment are temperature changes.  The presence of spirits is often accompanied by a significant drop in temperature in the area the spirit is encountered.  In order to accurately measure temperature changes throughout a space, an infrared thermometer can be used.  This allows an investigator to quickly receive accurate readings of the temperature variances within a space without having to physically move to each area, or wait for a traditional thermometer to take a reading.

Digital Camera

It is helpful to have a basic digital camera available for taking high quality stills.  At times, there will be images that are left on a digital photograph that do not necessarily appear to the naked eye.  When using the camera, be sure to prevent your flash from automatically lighting up the space, as there may be instances where you prefer to have the lighting within a space be natural, or representative of the conditions in which the photograph was taken.

Specialty Cameras

If you prefer to see temperature variations, a thermal camera may be appropriate.  Thermal cameras translate the different temperature readings into different colors, allowing a person to see which areas are warmer or cooler than others, and provide context for their placement within the space.

Night vision cameras can also help in cases where you are working with limited lighting.  This allows any activity within the space to be recorded without having to flood the area with night.  This can be critical for investigations that take place at night in either outdoor locations or buildings with limited or no access to electricity.

Important Safety Tips

Doing a paranormal investigation does not give you the right to trespass onto another person’s property.  You need to get permission from the property, just as the television shows do, before entering a private space.  Additionally, be respectful during your investigations to all persons, living or deceased, with whom you may interact.

Be sure to bring items like flashlights, to help you see when moving between spaces, and stick to working in groups as an added precaution.