10 Movies with the Most Popular Jewelry Pieces

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  We can see this once again in iconic movies that feature some of the most expensive and precious jewelry pieces in the world.  One of the easiest ways to create a high quality and sophisticated look is by adding a piece of expensive jewelry to your outfit.  Jewelry is also one of the best types of fashion investments you can make since these timeless pieces can be handed down from generation to generation without ever losing its value.  Some of the pieces found in the following list are valued in the millions which makes it rather impossible to wear on a day out, unless you are planning on being escorted by a team of guards but if you are looking for a jewelry collection that will make you shine on a daily basis then you can definitely consider the pieces by Moti Ferder.  Moti Ferder’s jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and is definitely one of the best fashion investments you can make.  And while you are looking at some of the wonderful pieces by Moti Ferder you can also take a quick look at these 10 movies with the most popular jewelry pieces in the world.

10 Movies with the Most Popular Jewelry Pieces

Titanic – The blue heart-shaped diamond is one of the most famous jewelry pieces in movie history.  The “Heart of the Ocean” was composed of a 170-carat sapphire and contains 65 diamonds with a total of 30 carats.  The necklace was sold for $2.2 million at a charity auction after the movie was launched.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – An 84-carat yellow diamond pendant that was designed by Harry Winston was one of the most expensive jewelry pieces ever showcased in a film and was worth about $5.3 million around 2003.

Pretty Woman – The custom designed necklace that Julia Roberts wore was designed by Frenchmen Fred Joaillier and is valued at about $250 000.  An armed security officer had to be present for the filming.

Sex and the City – Black diamonds became immensely popular after a 5-carrat black diamond engagement ring was presented in this movie.

Moulin Rouge – One of the most unique necklaces ever made was seen in this film.  Australian jeweler Stefano Cantur created this unique piece from 1308 diamonds.

Blue Jasmine – An emerald diamond engagement ring and diamond pendants worn by Kate Blanchet was also some of the most popular pieces ever in movie history.

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Cameron Diaz set the engagement ring trend in the late 90’s with her channel engagement ring set in this movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn’s diamond and pearl necklace in this movie resulted in a main fashion trend in the 1960s.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – the ‘diamonds are forever’ motif was created in this movie when Marilyn Monroe danced the red carpet wearing a cluster diamond necklace of which the center piece alone was 24.04 carats.

Gone with the Wind – The brooch that Scarlet O’harra wore in this 1940s movie belonged to the costume designers mother and pretty soon every woman was seen wearing heritage pieces.