Why You Should Consider TV Advertising for Your Real Estate Company

If you own any kind of company, you must be aware that marketing is the core and is what will determine the success of any company. The marketing channel that you decide on is what will determine your outcome. Good thing is that there are many marketing channels so you are spoilt for choice. The best channel will depend on what field your company is in. When it comes to real estate such as mission BC real estate, there are many marketing channels that you can use depending on your niche and needs. TV advertising is one of the oldest and best marketing channels. Some of the reasons why you should consider TV advertising for your real estate company include:

Why You Should Consider TV Advertising for Your Real Estate Company

Why You Should Consider TV Advertising for Your Real Estate Company

Large coverage

With TV advertising, you are likely to have a large audience as compared to other advertising mediums.  Most people watch TV as a leisure activity and hence there are high chances that many people will get to know about your company through that. TV still stands a better chance than radio since when it comes to radio there is more segmentation since there are many radio stations. TV is also more appealing as compared to other mediums which make it the best choice.

Targeted Market segment

With TV advertising, it is easier to reach a target audience than many advertising mediums. What a business needs to do is to purchase an ad spot for a time when their target audience is likely to be watching. When it comes to real estate for example an ad will work best when there is a narrowed demographic focus.


When it comes to advertising mediums, TV is more sophisticated than many advertising mediums. This is because there is a lot of creativity that can be applied to make the ad more appealing and hence make you achieve your goals. Both the visual and auditory stimulation can be worked on by using the right words and visuals to attract the right attention. That makes it way better than print advertising and other advertising mediums. TV is also only the medium where you can do advertising and your ad is not listed alongside competitors, you have the chance to air your ad alone. With TV, you have the privilege of showcasing a product, its use and the advantages of ownership.

As much as TV advertising may be costly, it is worth every coin. All you need is a lot of creativity to make sure that the ad is appealing as possible. Just like anything else, there is need for significant planning to make sure that your ad is a success. The first step is defining your market segment then planning accordingly since different segments have different things that appeal them. In some cases you may need an experienced and professional production expert so that you may get good value and a good TV spot. The charges will depend on the length of your ad and what times it shows.

Home Improvement Shows You Will Enjoy

Home improvements shows have inundated the TV world for years. No doubt many of you remember the sitcom with Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Obviously, that wasn’t about home improvement DIY, it was more about funny. But, perhaps he deserves some credit for creating the hunger in us all for DIY stuff. And, even if he wasn’t the catalyst, the dam has been breached and we have been flooded with home improvement shows you will enjoy.

Maybe you just got your first set of timber frame plans and you are wondering what the next step is. You thought that the complexity and styles available would help you build your dream home. So, you found the design that was right for you and placed your order. But, now you are wondering just how you are going to put it all together.

It is possible that a DIY home improvement show can help in this situation. However, it is highly more likely that it will assist you in smaller home improvement tasks. Regardless, you need to know which shows are the best to watch. And, that’s why we are here. Just keep reading for more information.

Home Improvement Shows You Will Enjoy

Home Improvement Shows You Will Enjoy

Top Eight Home Improvement Shows to Watch

We hope that your favorite home improvement show has made our list. But, if somehow we missed it, maybe those on the list will give you some additional options. So, without further ado, please consider these top eight home improvement shows to watch:

  1. This Old House: This show has run the gamut of DIY accessibility. It airs on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and has its own media brand that includes a website and magazine. Warner Brothers distributes the show, which undoubtedly contributes to its success.
  2. Property Brothers: Jonathan and Drew are pretty cute brothers who are there for home buyers in need of help fixing homes that they have purchased. These fixer-uppers turn into dream homes with the help of the twins. Watch this.
  3. Rehab Addict: You know you love Nikki (Nicole Curtis) in this series. We all enjoy the arguments and standing up to various city officials as she tries to transform historic homes. Homes that looked like they were destined for destruction get completely restored under her decisive hammer swing.
  4. The New Yankee Workshop: Though this show came to an end in June of 2009, people still love Norm Abram. As a woodworking program, it might prove quite useful in your timber frame building plans.
  5. Ask This Old House: Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2014, this is a show to consider a fave for sure. Learn more.
  6. Holmes on Homes: Hailing from Canadian broadcasting, Mike Holmes visits homeowners in need of assistance. He’s a contractor and is able to assist them when unsatisfactory work has been performed by licensed contractors.
  7. Trading Spaces: Lasting for eight years, this show was on the Discovery Home Channel and TLC. It was based on a series out of Britain: Changing Rooms.
  8. Hometime: Another PBS show, this one came out of Minnesota. It aired in the late 80s and lasted into the 90s on TLC. They gave DIY and contractor type project tips on the show. So, it might be a good one to look up for your timber frame plans.

For more great show recommendations, read this.

Start Investing In Property Even When You Are Over 50

It is never too late or too early to start investing in buy to let property.  Buy to let investments are one of the best ways to secure your financial future because it is the one investment that is very unlikely to deprecate in value. With the growing population you are also sure to find tenants for your property so you won’t have to struggle with a mortgage that is too expensive for you to handle.  Buy to let properties is also one of the easiest ways to earn extra income since you hardly have to do anything from your side to earn cash or to get your property paid off.

Start Investing In Property Even When You Are Over 50

Why 1st UK Mortgages finance applicants over 50

With the improvement of medical treatments, people’s life expectancy also improved and they are able to work and be efficient for much longer than people were a few years ago.  If a fifty year old is healthy and fit, why shouldn’t they be allowed to buy a home or invest in buy to let property?  This is after all the age when people need financial security the most and if they don’t have it yet, they should get it as quickly as possible.  Buy to let properties is one of the best ways to provide you with an income when you are no longer physically capable of working and is exactly why individuals over fifty should consider this valuable financial solution.  You can find the latest rates here to see if you could take your first steps to becoming a property investor.

Important factors regarding property investments

It is important for you to have a long term plan before you start investing in property, especially if you are over 50.  Most property investors will only start earning valuable income once they have obtained their third property since a lot of the rental fee has to be paid for the mortgage, which leaves little income to you.  A great way for persons over 50 to overcome the risk factor of property is to become shared property holders with other family members or perhaps even their kids.  The financial burden of the mortgage is shared which provides you and mortgage brokers with a greater security for the property.

Can seniors also apply for a mortgage?

Some mortgage brokers do help seniors who want to get a mortgage but there are a few roadblocks that they will discuss with you such as the possibility that your mortgage may outlive you.  The mortgage options for seniors are limited but possible because buy to let property is still one of the best ways for elderly people to earn a living.

The sooner you can start working on your buy to let business the better for you because in order to make a success of your investments, you might need more than one piece of property.  The longer you have to build on this type of investment the better for you because your assets will be so much bigger if you have more time to spend on your investments.