How to Make Retro Music Videos for TV

Retro singers and performers are a rare find.  Retro singers are people who love to sing vintage type of songs like swing music, jazz and more and their performances usually goes hand in hand with vintage attire.  Retro singers are fantastic for events, shows and especially for weddings because they give guests something spectacular and out of the ordinary to look at while they enjoy the evening.  But with all the pop, rock and hip-hop singers out there today, it’s quite tough for retro singers to get heard.  Music videos are the best way to show of your voice and especially your retro performance so clients will know to book you for their events and you can always use your music videos for TV and get seen across the globe.

How to Make Retro Music Videos for TV

Record your songs

The first thing you need to do to make your music video is record your songs.  Your recordings should be of high quality recordings and the music editing and composing should be done perfectly.  It might be wise to invest in a professional recording studio to get your songs recorded.

Create a retro studio

For your retro music video you will need a retro studio where you can sing and dance for the film.  You can choose to use a room with good lighting or even record your music in an open field.  A few vintage elements is however a must if you want your music videos to have a good 1950s vibe.  You should try to get some retro gear like a Crosley record player.  The Crosley record players are completely mobile so you can set it up anywhere you like and you can use the record player in your film for the music video.  You can also invest in other vintage items such as vintage chairs, vintage tying machines and more.

Scout for ideas for choreography

Music videos can quickly seem boring if you don’t have a lot to show.  Look for great ideas for choreography.  You can combine different actions such as dancing and singing in your music videos and switch between backdrops and locations.  Perhaps you can sit in a chair in your recording studio while singing and then take a walk down a retro road in the next part.

Get the look

Before shooting your music video you should get the look.  Do your hair, get a swing dress with matching heels and get a professional makeup artist for to recreate a vintage look.  You can even invest in a few different outfits for switching between scenes of your music video.

Get a pro for the filming

A professional videographer should be able to do the filming and video editing for you.  They can add special effects and will add your music recording to the music video so everything will look and feel completely smooth.

Start selling or sharing

Now that your music video is done, you can start using it to show people your talents.  You can get your video shown on TV, upload it on YouTube and even share your video on social media networks to boost interest in your name.