How to ensure your TV set won’t get stolen

In most homes the most expensive piece of electronic equipment is your fridge or refrigerator and luckily these two items are usually too heavy to steal. A television and sound system is often the most expensive piece of equipment that gets stolen during a robbery. Even large flat screen TV sets are no problem for burglars who can simply unplug these expensive home entertainment systems and simply vanish into the night with something you worked so hard to pay off. There are a few steps you can take to increase your TV set’s security.

How to ensure your TV set won’t get stolen

Get a home surveillance camera

With a home surveillance camera you will be able to monitor who is coming and going in and out of your home or yard, you will get a glimpse of people who are watching and doing suspicious things around your home and you will be able to prevent crime by warding off criminals. Home surveillance camera reviews are an excellent source of information for spotting the best system for your home. You can turn your television set into a surveillance set so you can keep an eye on your entire house while everyone sleeps and improve the general security of your entire house.

Mount it into the wall

Burglars usually only have a short period of time to enter your home, search and gather everything that are of value and make off with your goods. They usually target easy to carry items such as TV sets, cellphones, cameras and laptops. If something is too difficult to get loose, they will probably leave it. Try mounting your TV set onto the wall by using a proper TV bracket and replacing the screws with extra-long ones to secure your TV set onto the wall.

Build it into a cabinet

Adding a cabinet to your home can be a great idea. You will have a surplus of storage space in your living room for all your DVD’s, CD’s and remotes and you can easily limit the amount of TV your kids watch by locking the cabinet. A burglar who is entering your home for the first time could walk straight by your TV set and never even realize that it is there. Locking your cabinet will also make it an extra effort for them to steal it.

Motion detection sensors

A motion detection sensor is sometimes more effective than an alarm system because it warns you about intruders before the alarm system sounds so you will get a chance to prepare for what is coming without informing the burglar that you know that he is there. You can add the motion sensor to the parts of your home that have the most valuable electronic equipment such as your study space where you keep your computer or your living room where you store your TV and sound system.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are great for keeping you and all your equipment safe. Some alarm systems have added services such as armed response teams who can help you during emergency situations and are one of the best security measures you can take.