TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Stamps and stamping have been used for a very long time. The first form of stamping was called sealing.  A seal was an impression made in wax, clay, paper or more and was used to close down certain documentation or areas so the sender and receiver would know if someone opened the parcels.  Some of the oldest seals ever used dates back to the Bronze Age and seals were commonly used during the 15 hundreds by especially noblemen and women.  Stamps are still used to this very day in the form of postage stamps and ink stamps that are used to quickly signature a document or date a document.  It is surprising that stamp usage survived our technology age and is still in use and we can only wonder how long this ancient practice will continue before stamps usage becomes a permanent chapter in our history books.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Today’s most commonly used stamps

Where stamps used to be used by only royalty or noble women and men, they are now most commonly used by businesses and by the post office.  But you can still own your very own stamp for personal usage.  Plenty of men and women use self inking stamps to create business cards at home, to sign for parcels and documents and to receive packages.  Self-inking stamps are especially popular for small businesses and home businesses that find it too hard, time consuming and expensive to print customized documents every time they process documents. You can get a custom made self inking stamp that contain all the information you want, any logo you want and in any ink color for any form personal or business use even in our modern technology age.

TV shows that actually made their way to stamps

Postage stamps are mostly created with certain historical background.  They mostly contain the images of historical figures, animals, flags, important buildings and more.  But every now and then, postage companies will try to create unique postage stamps in order to boost the sales of these stamps.  Here are a few TV shows that were featured on stamps because someone somewhere thought that these TV shows would boost the sales of these stamps 

The Cosby Show – This hit comedy was sold for 33 pennies 

Lassie – Everyone loved the popular Lassie TV show and it is no surprise that Lassie was a big hit on postage seals. 

Frankenstein – Boris Karloff was one of the best impressions of Frankenstein ever and these stamps were a huge hit during Halloween season. 

Dr Suess “The Cat in the Hat” – One of the most popular children books ever was a favorite pick by kids. 

Popeye – This classic comic definitely deserves a spot in history and was also a big hit on stamps. 

Star Wars – It wasn’t just stamp collectors that collected these stamps, they were also a favorite amongst Star Wars fans. 

Disney shows and moviesMickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid and Alice in wonderland are just a few of the many Disney TV shows and movies that made popular on stamp collections.