The Best Travel Shows to Watch On TV

One of the best things to rouse attention for travelers is a well-crafted video. In case you’re even contemplating heading off to a destination, a quick search on YouTube will present you with thousands of homemade vacation videos, which can be all in or all out. Luckily for us, TV broadcasters have committed numerous assets into making fun, intriguing, and one of a kind shows for our delight and motivation. Here are some inspiring traveling shows which will intrigue you to pack your bags and head out ASAP!


‘Departures’ is an adventure travel show that aired for three seasons on OLN, a Canadian network. It started when three companions were discussing travel shows, and they concluded that they could produce a superior one. Every scene takes after Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach as they leave the familiarities of home behind, and set out into the world ready to face the unknown. It is known for probably the most stunning cinematography, and an undeniable way to deal with movement. It is as much about the individual excursion of the hosts as it is about the voyage to the destination, and has won three Gemini Awards.

Stephen Fry in America:

Stephen Fry does numerous things. As per his Wikipedia page, he is an on-screen actor, screenwriter, writer, dramatist, columnist, artist, and comic. He is likewise one of England’s most notable TV actors, and in 2008 he publicized his rendition of a travel show called ‘Stephen Fry in America.’ The show is fun and simple. Stephen starts his voyage in Maine, and in his customary London taxi, he drives through every one of the lower 48 states, before traveling to Alaska and Hawaii. A few states get more acknowledgment than others, yet the things he includes are regularly not what you would anticipate from a travel show. His genuine and charming identity joined with his facetious cleverness make this show a standout amongst the most famous shows of the USA. It’s on Netflix streaming so you can watch it there as well.

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‘Palin’s Travels:

Michael Palin is better known for his work on Monty Python, and keeping in mind that you could contend that the exemplary British satire troupe inspires travel, it’s ‘Palin’s Travels’ that gets its due attention and appreciation in this post. He has written 8 books about traveling, and the TV shows can be to some degree separated into two kinds. The prior ones feel more centered around true adventure, and the other type have the vibe of more conventional travel documentaries. Palin has an interesting everyman style that is difficult to stand up to. As the show advances, the watcher starts to understand that the general population he is connecting with are not seeing him as a big name, but rather as a customary traveler. It’s only one of the intriguing elements that influence this show to work so well.

So what are you waiting for? Watch any one of these shows and then pack your bags, head to your destination, hire a driver in cozumel and start your adventure! Cozumel has a lot to offer in terms of exploring, food as well as scenic beauty. Hiring a driver to show you around will be the perfect start to your trip.