Enjoy TV on the Go with a Portable Monitor

Not being able to enjoy your favorite TV shows is one of the biggest downsides to traveling.  Unless you are willing to dish out a lot of cash for temporary accommodation you can bet that the in your room is going to be terrible quality.  Most temporary accommodations don’t do much about quality television because they know that their guests are only staying over for a few nights. The TV reception is usually poor, there isn’t a lot to choose from with regards to entertaining programs and that is if you are lucky enough to have a TV at all.  But a portable monitor might just solve all your traveling entertainment issues forever.

Enjoy TV on the Go with a Portable Monitor

Enjoy TV on the Go with a Portable Monitor

What is a portable monitor?

A portable monitor is an incredibly lightweight computer monitor that can link to various devices through a USB plug-and-play port. These monitors have been designed to make traveling and office life a lot simpler.  You can switch between devices a lot quicker, add more monitors to a certain device and get great viewing with all of the fuss that is usually associated with monitors.

Why a portable monitor is a must for your travels

One of these revolutionary devices won’t just make your travel expeditions much better but also makes home life and work a lot simpler.  Here are the top benefits of taking a portable monitor along on your travels;

  • Enjoy high-quality entertainment even if there is no TV set available. You can simply connect your portable monitor to your connected device and stream all your favorite shows.
  • You will never be restricted to the destination cable again. Enjoy any show you like by tuning in on your own personal online TV subscription and never miss a favorite show again.
  • The monitors are fantastic for business trips. You can enjoy entertainment during evenings.  In the morning you can awe all your colleagues and superiors during business meetings by displaying your information on your phone on the portable monitor.
  • Work a lot easier on the go because you can instantly switch your monitor between various devices such as your computer, laptop and more.
  • Kids or passengers can enjoy high quality shows in the car which is bound to keep everyone calm and relaxed during long rides.
  • Portable monitors are available in a great variety of sizes which means you can find the perfect size to match your travel bag.

Where to get the best portable monitor

CartVela.com is an amazing review site where you can check out various review articles on lots of electronic equipment and computer products.  The site also features other reviews on sports and outdoor gear as well as health and beauty gear.  Go to the portable monitor section and check out all the best portable monitors for 2018.  You can have your pick at all of the best brands including ASUS, GeChic, AOC, GAEMS and more and learn more about the features of each of these monitors.

With a portable monitor at your disposal journeying becomes much easier and technology is just so much easier to use and to apply in ways in which you need it.

Best TV Shows for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are popping up all over the country. There has been an interesting influx of would-be entrepreneurs opening up shop. But, as beginners in the field, there is a lot they still don’t know. Running a business is no easy task and trying to find the time to learn about how to better your profits and production can seem daunting. That’s why we are suggesting the best TV shows for business owners and entrepreneurs. This will offer both entertainment and education.

But before you can get access to these must see shows, it is important the you ensure your business broadband is up to speed. Slow speeds will create far too much lag time and hinder your viewing experience. Many businesses are switching to fiber internet due to its rapid uploads and downloads. You will find benefits in your video searches, as well as all your day to day business requirements, if you choose this option. And, these videos will provide you with additional business tips to make your venture a success.

Best TV Shows for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

5 Shows You Have to See

2017 has proven to be an inspiring year given the drive toward remote working locations and increased interest in entrepreneurial endeavors. But, Shark Tank isn’t the only business based TV show you should be watching. In fact, here are the 5 shows you have to see:

  1. Planet of the Apps– This is another reality show, created by Apple, and studded with celebrities. It puts successful business owners in the position of “mentors” as they try to assist new app developers. The mentors show them how to scale, fund, and create their own success. Read this review of the show.
  2. Billions– Every want-to-be entrepreneur dreams of becoming a billionaire. This show pits the US attorney general against a hedge fund mogul in a battle of wealth, influence, and wits.
  3. Silicon Valley– Though comedic in nature, this is an excellent show for insiders. There are lots of references to real-life entrepreneurs known for their eccentricities. Plus, if you are into this field, you might just get some start-up world insights.
  4. Small Business Revolution– One town receives a $500,000 investment and mentorship in this show. It’s the product of previous Shark Tank host, Robert Herjavec, and Deluxe, a firm designed to offer business services.
  5. Billion Dollar Buyer-Two small businesses will reap the benefits of Tilman Fertitta’s expertise and serious buying power. He helps them gear up to approach potential investors. Their success, of course, is based on whether or not they can convince these entrepreneurs to support their ideas. Learn more about the show.

While starting your own business may have seemed like a brilliant idea, the truth is, it’s tough to survive. Thanks to programs like “Buy Local” the small business owner is seeing some return on the investment. But, reaching the status that the people on these shows represent is probably a long shot.

We’re not telling you to give up on your dreams. However, we do want you to be realistic about what you hope to actualize in the next 5 to 10 years. Most small businesses lose money for several years in the beginning of their existence. Don’t be surprised if yours does the same. It is all about staying power, and some great advice from people who have seen the other side of success. You can get more helpful information here.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Stamps and stamping have been used for a very long time. The first form of stamping was called sealing.  A seal was an impression made in wax, clay, paper or more and was used to close down certain documentation or areas so the sender and receiver would know if someone opened the parcels.  Some of the oldest seals ever used dates back to the Bronze Age and seals were commonly used during the 15 hundreds by especially noblemen and women.  Stamps are still used to this very day in the form of postage stamps and ink stamps that are used to quickly signature a document or date a document.  It is surprising that stamp usage survived our technology age and is still in use and we can only wonder how long this ancient practice will continue before stamps usage becomes a permanent chapter in our history books.

TV Shows That Made Their Way to Stamps

Today’s most commonly used stamps

Where stamps used to be used by only royalty or noble women and men, they are now most commonly used by businesses and by the post office.  But you can still own your very own stamp for personal usage.  Plenty of men and women use self inking stamps to create business cards at home, to sign for parcels and documents and to receive packages.  Self-inking stamps are especially popular for small businesses and home businesses that find it too hard, time consuming and expensive to print customized documents every time they process documents. You can get a custom made self inking stamp that contain all the information you want, any logo you want and in any ink color for any form personal or business use even in our modern technology age.

TV shows that actually made their way to stamps

Postage stamps are mostly created with certain historical background.  They mostly contain the images of historical figures, animals, flags, important buildings and more.  But every now and then, postage companies will try to create unique postage stamps in order to boost the sales of these stamps.  Here are a few TV shows that were featured on stamps because someone somewhere thought that these TV shows would boost the sales of these stamps 

The Cosby Show – This hit comedy was sold for 33 pennies 

Lassie – Everyone loved the popular Lassie TV show and it is no surprise that Lassie was a big hit on postage seals. 

Frankenstein – Boris Karloff was one of the best impressions of Frankenstein ever and these stamps were a huge hit during Halloween season. 

Dr Suess “The Cat in the Hat” – One of the most popular children books ever was a favorite pick by kids. 

Popeye – This classic comic definitely deserves a spot in history and was also a big hit on stamps. 

Star Wars – It wasn’t just stamp collectors that collected these stamps, they were also a favorite amongst Star Wars fans. 

Disney shows and moviesMickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid and Alice in wonderland are just a few of the many Disney TV shows and movies that made popular on stamp collections.

The Best Health TV Shows

When you consider healthy living, watching the TV routinely is absolutely not something that rings a bell. Rather, things like physical movement, adhering to a good diet and an appropriate measure of rest fly up on your mental agenda. While the TV could assume the part of hero in your journey for a more advantageous way of life, there are some TV shows that could propel you to take control and show you some approaches to do it. Consider investing your distributed TV energy with these shows and they very well might give you that lift you require this week.

The Best Health TV Shows

“Natural Reboot”: This show takes real life women who are overpowered with life and helps them to confront their difficulties and step toward a more joyful, more beneficial life. From separated mother to working mother of triplets, “Natural Reboot” helps ladies to organize and de-mess and spotlights on anything from health and wellness to design and relationships. You will be enlivened by the stories of these ladies, and one of them could very well address you as well.

“Health Soup”: David Price adds comedic help to the point of health and health patterns as the host of “Health Soup.” He takes watchers backstage to the greatest patterns in health today including med spas, health classes and sound restaurants. You will presumably burn a few calories giggling while you watch this one and possibly find out about something you’ve been wanting to try out.

“Good Food America”: For those of you who cherish investigating the sides of America for extraordinary diners, join healthy food master Chef Danny Boone as he uncovers nutritious and flavorful sound sustenance choices the country over on “Good Food America.” He doesn’t discriminate and offers access to a wide range of eateries from veggie lover to vegetarian and freely managed to privately developed. You will be roused to locate the freshest, most beneficial sustenance spots close you.

“Yogapalooza”: This one is for the kiddos! It’s not simply one more irritating chime in show that components excessively upbeat grown-ups moving around (in spite of the fact that it may incorporate those things). “Yogapalooza” gets your children up and moving, making it a good time for the children and a good time for you when they’re exhausted and go ideal to rest at snooze time.

“Hungry Girl”: Lisa Lillien gives your greasy top choices a solid makeover on Hungry Girl. You will have access to basic, irreproachable formulas that will fulfill all your womanly yearnings. Lillien answers inquiries regarding formulas, sustenance swaps, nourishment marks and the sky is the limit from there. Be roused to cleanse your wash room of awful foods and move on your health and fitness journey.

“We Owe What?”: Your monetary health is crucial to general way of life health. Handle those sentiments of stress encompassing your budgetary battles as Mary Caraccioli helps families simply like yours get back on track with their cash on “We Owe What?”. Caraccioli gives hard-squeezed families guidelines for effective living that will help them be in a superior place. Get your pen since you may take notes during this one.

On an ending note, if you want your social media and Facebook timeline to inspire you to lead a healthy life as well then follow SoundBodyLife on Facebook. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/soundbodylife/

New TV Shows You Should Watch Soon

There are different things that you can do in order to become entertained but probably the easiest way to entertain yourself is by watching some television shows. Thanks to some applications, there is no need for you to wait a certain period of time before you see the next episode. You can see all of the show’s episodes in one place. You can binge watch everything and still have the time of your life.

New TV Shows You Should Watch Soon

There are some people who promote the television shows that they love through their blogs. Do you read some of these blogs too? Perhaps you can find it nice that these guys have a wordpress plug in so they can normally write their posts better.

There are some awesome television shows that were released in the past but for sure, there are still a lot more that will be released this year that you will appreciate a lot. Are you curious to know some of the series that are meant to make you get hooked?

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This has always been popular as a book. There are even some people who have collected these books because they liked it a lot. Seeing it on television can be a great thing especially if you had some issues trying to think about how the characters look like. Perhaps the setting of the book is not too far from what you imagine.

The Young Pope

If you are interested in series that deal with religion then this may be one of the best that you can watch. The young pope talks about the youngest pope to be declared. There are some mysteries and some details that will truly thrill you if you would give this series a chance. 


If you have always been a fan of the Archie Series then you will be happy to know that they are going to have their own television show. Just be reminded that this is different from the Archie series that you used to know. Remember that while Archie usually has a bit of comedy mixed with the stories, Riverdale deals with mystery. This will show the “dark” side of small town life and for sure, after watching the first episode, you would like to watch more.


If you are in the mood for some comedy then this may be the right one for you. This one is shown on HBO and talks about a life of a comedian who is good hearted but is left by his wife. This television show will talk about his journey through life. There may be some scenes where you can relate and some scenes that you just appreciate but you will surely be entertained with this one.

Big Little Lies

Are you interested in seeing some twisted female characters on the screen? You will have a grand time watching this television show. You can watch the various characters of the story unfold and you will not be disappointed with the cast of this series too.

You should be reminded that there are still a lot of other series that are worth checking out. There may be some that you will like and some that you will not watch at all. It will depend on your preference and what commonly catches your interest.

Top 7 Real Estate TV Shows

If you’re someone who has a knack for real estate, and for buying and selling house, then it’s a given that you watch real estate shows. Follow us as we take you through a list of most-loved real estate shows:

Top 7 Real Estate TV Shows

  1. Sell This House

Every week, mortgage holders who are in a hurry to offer sell homes hear cruel input from prospective buyers. A designing master decorates the home on a restricted spending plan. ‘Sell This House’ airs on A&E.

  1. Designed to Sell

Comparable in idea to ‘Sell This House,’ HGTV’s ‘Designed to Sell’ concentrates on preparing homes to sell or making enhancements upon homes that are now recorded however haven’t collected much consideration from prospective buyers.

  1. House Hunters

‘House Hunters’ takes after prospective buyers, leaseholders, and land specialists as they experience the home-purchasing process. Frequently managing clients who need gigantic, completely overhauled homes on a shoestring spending plan, these committed real estate agents regularly need to scramble to meet their critical customers’ requests. For watchers who need to perceive what the market resembles far and wide, make a point to look at ‘House Hunters International.

  1. Fixer Upper

An immense hit for HGTV, ‘Fixer Upper’ takes after Texas-based couple Joanna and Chip Gaines, an originator/boutique proprietor and land proficient/temporary worker, individually, as they change homes needing a little work into their customers’ fantasy houses. Highly in favor of using local materials, salvaged items and craftsmen, this couple has an uncanny skill for making the financial plan benevolent in vogue.

  1. Flip or Flop

Orange County, California couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa are the heart of HGTV’s ‘Flip or Flop,’ in which they purchase frail properties in real money at closeout at low costs, and transform them into decent, family-accommodating present day homes. The genuine catch here is that there isn’t generally a purchaser at stake and here and there the El Moussa’s are out a huge number of dollars as they sit tight for somebody to make an offer — subsequently the potential “slump” in the show’s title.

Obviously, if you’re looking to buy/sell a house in real life, then Carson Valley real estate will prove to be your go-to company. Not only do they offer the best rates, they are also reliable, trust-worthy and competent at what they do.

  1. Love It or List It

Canadian reality hit ‘Love It or List It’, which airs on HGTV, takes after fashioner Hilary Farr and land operator David Visentin as they contend to see who can win over their customers. Hilary is given a financial plan by the property holders to rebuild their current house, while David presents them various option choices in their value go. Love It or List It’ has been such a hit for the system that there’s a turn off, Love It or List It Too’ facilitated by previous “Lone rangers” star Jillian Harris, who fills in as the show’s fashioner.

  1. Property Brothers

Tall, good looking, and devoted to their specialty, ‘Property Brothers’ stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have baited numerous a plan loath watcher to their HGTV appear. The siblings generously direct their customers through the home purchasing and remodel handle, transforming fixer uppers into cleaned pearls en route.

5 TV Shows that Teach People to Go Green

As they say, the entertainment industry is not only meant to make people entertained, but also to make people inspired, to give people hope, and to provide people something of value – something that they can use in their everyday lives.

And today, with the growing concern over environmental problems, lots of eco-friendly TV programs have been developed in order educate people about the importance of our environment – from using recycled products, to buying renewable energy sources, to planting trees, to protecting the mother Earth. If you love nature and really want to contribute to environmental conservation, but don’t know how, then you would want to watch some of these TV programs to get some ideas.

go green

Carbon Cops

This show inspires every family and audience with practical tips that they can truly use in their daily lives – from saving money to reducing energy consumption. It also provides all the necessary ways on how to reduce carbon emission, as well as step-by-step process on how to improve your lifestyle. If you’re really concerned about your health, as well your kid’s future, then this show is truly a must-watch.

Living with Ed

This is a reality TV show that starred TV and movie actor Ed Begley, Jr. It followed how actor Ed and his family live a life that is environmental conscious and efficient. In every segment, Ed showed new strategies to go green, such as using energy-efficient cars, composting, and cooking without electricity.

Whale Wars

This American documentary-style TV show follows whiz activist Paul Watson and his crew on how they put their lives in danger just to stop whaling activities. As what Watson said, “In order to save the whales, people have to be willing to risk their lives.” Whale Wars is a thrilling and environmental-friendly show that teaches people the importance of saving the endangered and vulnerable marine animals, including whales. It also raises awareness about how manufacturing companies negatively impacts our environment.


Wa$ted is an American reality TV series, which ran on Planet Green. The show followed the hosts Annabelle Gurwitch and Holter Graham as they helped families change their wasteful habits into something useful and productive. The show’s purpose was to educate everybody that there’s no need to do extreme things in order to make something different. In fact, even doing small things can provide positive impact not only to the environment, but also to yourself.

Sesame Street

If you’re looking for a TV show that your kids can also watch, then Sesame Street is the best pick. Well, I think everyone loves Sesame Street! The great thing about this show is it doesn’t only teach kids the alphabet and numbers. But it also provides life lessons that you and your kids can definitely use in your daily living, including going green and saving the Earth.

With more and more people are being concerned with our environment and the future of our people, it’s no wonder why more and more eco-friendly TV shows are being made than any time in the past. But of course, it’s not enough that you only watch these shows, you must also implement what you’ve learned from then in real life in order to contribute something to our environment. If you’re still unsure what to do, though, just visit www.renewableenergyhub.co.uk to get more information.