Exercise While You Watch Television

There are a lot of people who would rather stay in front of the television instead of exercising because they want to save their strength. It will be hard for people to go to the gym when they have time. Most people would rather lie down at home and just relax. The very stagnant way of living without any physical exercise will take a toll on people’s health in no time.

Exercise While You Watch Television

Exercise While You Watch Television

Even if your television set is very tempting and you know that your favorite shows are about to be shown on television, do not worry. You still have an option to exercise while you watch TV. You can choose from a wide array of indoor stationary bikes that you can situate in front of your television set. This is where you can exercise while you become engulfed watching your favorite show. It is important that you choose the right exercise bike depending on the following things:

  • The type of indoor bike that you want
  • The bike’s design
  • Your current budget

You will be able to find one that best fits all of the things that are mentioned above and when you do, exercising while watching the television will not be too hard to accomplish anymore. If you do not have the money to purchase your stationary bike just yet, do not worry. There are still other things you can do in order to burn some calories while watching television:

  • You can perform cardiovascular routines around the place where your television is set up. For example, you may have some stations near the television wherein you are going to perform specific cardiovascular exercises. For example, you are going to do jumping jacks in one corner then you will do some sit-ups in another corner. You can choose the cardio exercises that will work best for you.
  • You can challenge yourself. You can do some planks while waiting for a commercial to finish. You can try to hold the plank position the whole time the commercial is on. You can also count the number of squats that you can do before your show comes on again. These things may seem weird but they will work in helping you workout while watching television.
  • You can do lunges in place. The best thing about some exercises is that you can do them while you stay in one place. There is no need to run around so much or do so many things. Just one specific exercise done in one spot is enough to help you burn some calories while watching television.
  • You can also look for some exercise shows on television. If you would look for it, you would see one that you can follow with ease. You can also watch some exercise-related videos. You can do Zumba or some aerobic exercises that you only have to do for a short period of time.

One thing that you should remember is this: do not forget to switch up your exercise routines because if your body gets used to it, it will not work that well anymore.

How You Can Choose the Best Shows for Your Kids

There was a time when experts say that perhaps children should not watch television yet because they may not watch shows that are good for them. There are some options now that will allow you to lock some channels from your kids so they will not be exposed to shows that will show them too much violence, sexual content or will just confuse them about the world that they live in.

How You Can Choose the Best Shows for Your Kids

Choosing television shows that you can watch will be different from choosing the shows that your children can watch. You are already of age and you know what you want. You know what can entertain you. If you want to watch all shows that include Stephen Collins, this will be up to you. For your children however, you need to protect them because they are still young

You do not have to worry too much anymore. More and more educational shows are now available on television. Just remember that not all children’s shows are educational. You still have to scrutinize each one before you will let your children watch some of the shows.

There are some shows that are highly educational but may be too boring for your children. For example, math lessons that are not told in story form or will not make use of any characters will be simply that – boring. You will find your children doing other things instead of learning math from the television.

Here are other things that will help you find the right shows for your kids:

  • Search for shows that can make your children happy and will inspire them to think about new ideas.
  • Search for shows that will let your children have a deeper understanding about life in general. For example, you can let your children watch shows about animals so that children will understand why they should take care of our furry friends.
  • Look for shows that you can watch with your kids. It will be more fun for children if you can watch some shows with them. It will also serve as your bonding time with each other. If you would not do this, your kids might sometimes feel alone especially if they do not understand the shows.
  • Look for shows that are positive. At an early age, you need to teach your kids that there will be some problems that they will encounter in life but they will be able to go through the issues if they would have a positive outlook in life.
  • Search for shows that will also teach your children about social and emotional skills. You may think that this is pointless because academics are more important but in the long run, don’t you think that social and emotional skills will take your children farther in life? Through teaching social and emotional skills, you can be sure that your children’s self-esteem will also grow bigger.

Be there to guide your children in every way so that you can explain the difference between what can be seen on television and what needs to be done in real life.