Things That Make Any Television Series Our Favorites

There are times when we start watching a new TV series, and before we know it, we are completing hooked. Two days is all it takes for us to watch the whole season. However, there have also been times when we couldn’t bear to watch a show after the pilot episode. Have you ever wondered why? Why sometimes a television show just ‘clicks’ while others seem like torture? The four factors that make any TV series worth watching are:

  1. Intriguing Storyline:

The first and foremost quality of a good TV show is that it has a storyline which keeps the viewers interested from the beginning. We remember people watching the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy and instantly falling in love with the show. After just one episode people thought to themselves ‘Whoa! We cannot wait to watch the whole series’. That’s how it should be.

Plus, the storyline should be unique. Everybody is tired of watching the good guys catch the bad guys and live happily ever after. Now people want to watch shows where the main lead is a bad guy. That is why, shows like Hannibal, The Blacklist, and Breaking Bad are gaining massive popularity.

Furthermore, humor is also an important element. A TV series that constantly shows misery gets boring and depressing after some time. Just the right amount of drama, romance, misery, action, and humor can make a good TV show great.

  1. Good Cinematography:

We all have watched TV shows where the story had potential, but it felt like something was missing. There were shows like Packed to The Rafters, which had the possibility of being famous, but due to the lack of cinematography, they weren’t watched by many.

On the contrary, TV series like Fargo, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Scream Queens, Riverdale, Hannibal, Marco Polo, and Game of Thrones have become quite a hit due to their astonishing cinematography and eye-pleasing aesthetic. Riverdale and Fargo are two of the top-rated shows, partly because of the aesthetic. The key to a good TV series; relevant settings that go well with the whole theme of the show.

  1. Spot-on Music:

Never underestimate the power of good music. Playing right music at the right time is not a skill that many possess.

Things That Make Any Television Series Our Favorites

Let’s say, there is a fighting scene on screen and suddenly a ukulele starts playing in the background. Won’t that just kill the whole mood? If there is an action scene, then the music should have the just the right amount of bass. Something that sounds like it is coming straight from the best ESP 7 string guitar.

A car racing scene and ACDC’s Highway to Hell playing in the back will give you just the adrenaline rush you need. Music works when words don’t, and it can make or break a show.

  1. Relatable characters:

As humans, we like to feel a kinship with other people. TV shows like Friends, This Is Us, and Grey’s Anatomy has top-ratings not just on the charts but also in people’s hearts. It is because the characters in those shows are faulty and relevant. Suffice to say, we all can relate to every character from This Is Us. May it be Kevin’s need for attention, Kate’s nurturing nature or Jack’s love for his family. On the other hand, we all are Joey from Friends when it comes to sharing our food.

In addition to that, Grey’s Anatomy has characters that depict the real essence of being human. We can even relate to Walter White from Breaking Bad because his character had depth; a man diagnosed with cancer who is ready to risk everything for his family. Nobody likes to watch a TV show where the characters and the storyline are poles apart.