Best Travelling TV Shows

Travelling is one of the most adventurous hobbies adopted by the folks around the World because they love to explore new things. It is not just moving from place to another it’s about exploring new things, nature, new cultures and enjoying the life to its fullest. People have different thoughts regarding that; some take it as a hobby while others as a profession.

Some people travel to explore the nature and get the peace, photography, study different cultures and even the ones that are fond of trying new dishes of the various countries opt this as their profession to travel from country to country. To top it off, what could be more exciting to get new ideas and inspiration from the TV shows. Before going makes sure you are well prepared and your vehicle is up to the mark for traveling. It sometimes occurs that cars entails dirt, residues of food and sometimes insects as well. If you experience any kind of insects like cockroach, you must get rid of cockroach infestation in cars. Obviously, you won’t want any disturbance in your journey of passion. You should at once call pest control and hire their services.

Car Travelling Preparation

Furthermore, if you love watching travel shows or you would like to do research regarding your future trips, here we have some best traveling TV shows you must watch for that reason.

  • Departures:

‘Departures’ is an adventurous and backpacker style travel show. It is about two friends who travel around the world with their backpacks only, along with cameraman who covers their journey. It airs on Nat Geo and also available on Netflix internationally.

In this show one guy is funnier, likes to have drinks and playing games with the locals which make the show more fun to watch. Whereas, the other guy is a bit serious and intellectual and loves to explore the cultures of the areas they visit.

The good thing about this show is that it not only shows the destination or highlights but the detailed process of their journey. The unfavorable circumstances, unforeseen events, and thrilling adventures in their journey develop your interest in the episodes. Those who want to enjoy this rollercoaster of traveling, Departures is one of the best shows for them. Pack your bags and let the fun begins.

  • Long Way Round:

Long way round is the adventure travel show for those who love to ride their bikes. This entire show is based on the journey of two guys in London who decide to visit different countries including Europe, US, Canada, Russia, and Mongolia.

This show is the inspiration for all the bike lovers who would like to travel the world on their motorbikes. Another interesting fact about this show is that as they continue their journey, they hire a crew to follow them. It makes it look like a group ride. The fun part is the crazy adventures and the one where they end being captured by the mafia boss. It was hilarious when he plays the song before showing his AK-47.

  • Parts Unknown:

‘Parts Unknown’ is well researched and beautifully filmed TV show. It is not exactly the travel show but partly a food show, and slightly tours show. It is made by one of the top teams.

Anthony Bourdain focuses on the portraying the different countries and their locals by talking to them over dinners and enjoying their local dishes. The purpose is to present the peaceful side of the countries especially those that are not considered for tourism purpose because people have the misconception that they are not safe places to visit.

Watching this show will develop the more interest in you to travel and enjoy different dishes of the world and be adventurous. Moreover, you will get to know the beauty and peace of the areas like Libya and Congo that are known to be least safe countries.