TVs Greatest Medical Shows

Many of us had fanciful dreams of becoming doctors when we grew up. However, once the revelation of just how long we’d have to stay in school hit, a good number of us changed direction. If it wasn’t the length of college that scared us it was the cadaver dissecting that plunged us over the edge.

Whatever the catalyst for our change of mind, we decided to live vicariously through some of TVs greatest medical shows instead.

TVs Greatest Medical Shows

Whether we prefer TV dramas with scripted storylines and highly paid actors or more reality based designs, medical shows are high on the TV show desirability spectrum. That’s why we have created a list of some of the best medical shows to have appeared on TV since its inception.

Medical Dramas

Designed to seem like real life, these action and drama packed versions of ER and MD life are sure to entertain. Some of them have long left television fame while others are still enjoying continued life via Netflix and Nick at Night. Surely you will recall some of these hit medical dramas:

  • Marcus Welby, MD – This is kickin’ it old school when it comes to medical dramas. The show aired from 1969-1976 and depicted the value of a thorough and dedicated family doctor, Marcus Welby.
  • M*A*S*H- Surely you recall this military escapade. Stationed in the Korean War these military doctors have more antics than comedians. M*A*S*H aired from 1972-1983 and was well loved by many.
  • Elsewhere- Coming in at the end of M*A*S*H’s series, this medical drama grabbed hold of the daytime soap mentality. Character entanglements were sure to develop during this show’s 6 year span from 1982-1988.
  • Doogie Howser, MD- TV couldn’t last long without another medical drama so Neil Patrick Harris filled the gap as a teen MD. It lasted for 97 episodes between 1989 and 1993.
  • ER- This is the medical show that grew the passion for that genre in many viewers. George Clooney saw his rise to fame thanks to this TV program. And, many a woman swooned over Noah Wylie.
  • House- Perhaps the most realistic of the medical TV dramas, House could offer phrenic nerve surgery for a paralyzed diaphragm before anyone understood what was going on. His extensive medical knowledge was almost as shocking as his personal addiction bouts.

Reality Medical Shows

For some people, though, medical dramas just aren’t enough. They want to see real blood and guts. They want to know about the true medical terminology attached to advanced reconstruction. They are curious about brachial plexus injuries and neuropathy programs. That’s why so many reality TV medical shows are available.  Here’s a few to consider:

  • NY Med- This show is focused on the patients and medical staff of several different hospitals in the NY and New Jersey areas.
  • Trauma: Life in the E.R.- This show was designed to be the “real-life” version of the TV drama, ER.
  • Boston Med- Boston Med is an eight part documentary with a very limited range of hospitals included.
  • Untold Stories of the E.R.- Focused on really bizarre ER cases, this show is done in reenactment style so it’s a little less of a reality TV show than advertising suggests.
  • Mystery Diagnosis- This is the show that House would be on if he was a real life doctor. And he would definitely tell you to read this.
  • Hopkins- Based out of John’s Hopkins in Maryland this show is supposed to be a lot like Grey’s Anatomy.

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